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Thread: Guide on Fixing YLOD on PS3 Model 60GB

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    DENEGRAO Guest

    Big Grin Guide on Fixing YLOD on PS3 Model 60GB

    Hi, i saw that ppl who get ylod thinks yours ps3s is "ready 2 sell", but i fix ylod easily doind 2 things:
    • removing the power supply outside the ps3
    • putting the fan in maximum speed

    with only this 2 things, i solve the ylod problem (off course after heat gun and as5)

    i'm making other mod very soon (already fix 2 ps3s mines both 60gb with dat)

    next mod i will put peltier together.

    now the pics:

    Open to ar condition flows

    Change of 15 blade to 19

    How stay after put all together

    Power supply atx to ps3 fan

    Extended cable of power supply

    If u dont want put fan in a atx you can try this (i leave mine fan in maximum speed forbetter cooling)

    I never seen anything like mine mod on net, thats why i putting the pics in here, sorry if im wrong (only try to help)


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    Very useful guide DENEGRAO- Thanks for sharing it and +Rep!

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    moneymaker Guest
    I wonder if it could be useful to better explain the meaning of the external ATX.

    Well, I know that using a 19 instead of a 15 could shot down the system due to higher current load, but many others couldn't know it....

    To open window(s) in the bottom side is a good idea...

    Obviously are lucky ones those ones who have a 60GB and doesn't need to do any trick other than open one (or more) window, just to not turn the console into a frankesteiner ...good idea is to shield (with some high airflow allowing fabric) as well every inlet to prevent dust sticking inside...

    For the peltier talking I must say I've thougth deeply about it and I don't think it could be of much use if not paired with a waterblock and a watercooling system, furthermore it could drive moist onto mainboard and this could be a pain but... it's also a creative way to play for sure ...

    Keep up the good modding wish...

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    moneymaker Guest
    To tell the truth about the fans I've to say that many hardware compatible models I've opened mounts a 15 blades that are actually built by Nidec, the 19 blades have a rating power that's greater but I've to assume that's due to the bigger elettric motor and being it bigger they have to compensate the throughput adding more blades, I dont see any big improvement switching from a 15 blades to a 19 blades, this nothing takes away to the idea of feeding more air to the fan that's great...

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    DENEGRAO Guest
    I use the peltier already, but doesn't help more than before, the problem is on the weak solder. Only solution is send to resolder machine to fix, them use this method to put the system much more colder. I already do that in 2 ps3s.

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