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    Apr 2005

    Post Guide to Download Demos on PC and Install via Folding at Home

    I slapped a simple VB application together using winsock to dump the request to a text box to see what Folding at home does when connecting to the net. I found that it tries to connect directly to a PKG file on the net.

    Then By fooling the PS3 using simple DNS I managed to feed the PS3 "Folding at home installer" a demo game file instead of the original FAH pkg file. It works... it thinks it installs FAH, but it installs the actual demo!

    Lets get to the point- Software needed:

    1. WAMP Server http://www.wampserver.com/en/
    2. Simple DNS http://www.simpledns.com/
    3. a PS3 Demo *.pkg file

    WARNING: Firmware 1.92 needed, or any Firmware that has Folding at Home installed.

    Install WAMP using the default settings and default install path C:\WAMP.
    Make sure WAMP is not running. On the taskbar next to the time there should
    be a little rev counter left click it ans select "Stop all services" if its not there its not running then don't worry about it.

    Once installed goto path C:\wamp\www\ via "my computer."
    Then create a folder called Downloads inside that create a folder called ps3 then inside that create a folder eu and inside that a folder fah so you have a path like this:


    Donwnload a Demo PKG file and put it in C:\wamp\www\download\ps3\eu\fah and rename it to fah.pkg

    So you have C:\wamp\www\download\ps3\eu\fah\fah.pkg

    Then Start WAMP go via The Start menu find WAMP SERVER and Click start WAMP server. Make sure its started by going to the rev counter next to the time "Bottom right hand corner" on the taskbar left click it ans select "Start all services"

    Then Install Simple DNS.

    1. Open Smiple DNS and click the Records Button on the tool bar.
    2. Click the new button on the toolbar and select "Primary Zone" and click next
    3. Enter deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net as the zone name and click finish.
    4. In the right hand pane in (The White block) right click and select "New Host Address (A-Record)
    5. Set Record name(host) to be deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net
    and ip address to be your PC's Ethernet cards ip address, in my case and Record Time to live 999 and click ok.

    Do a test by clicking Start Menu then run and type CMD then click ok. Then Ping your PC's address Ping you should get a reply. It should ping about 4 times wait for it to finish then type:

    ping deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net

    You should get something like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Then set up your PS3 Wired network or Wirless. To have an ip inthe same range as your PC's IP.

    E.g in my case I made the:

    PS3 IP
    Primary DNS
    Secondary DNS
    Default Router

    Note: No Proxy Server Needed!!!
    So configure Proxy "DO NOT USE" and you are set to go.

    Some advice first:

    Open IE explorer or FireFox and type and click go, where is your PC's address or you could try http://deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net

    You should hit the WAMP appache server's home address.

    Then go on your PS3 goto the Network Globe icon group same place where the Internet browser and Online Store is you should also have Folding at home.

    Select Folding at home then agree the agreement and then select yes to download now. Folding at Home is only 50mb big, but using this mod Folding at Home should report the same size as the downloading file in my case 723MB for Folmula 1.

    I've tested Formula 1 and Grand Turismo and it works like a charm!

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    retard Guest

    Big Grin fah? pkg?

    so you mean that i should rename all my pkg- files to fah?

    i tried to burn those files on a cd, but it didn't work...

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    KrvheD Guest

    Question Hello i have a problem, can you help me?

    the problem is by de Simple DNS maybe is not change de ip for deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net and do it again and again but not work in mi explorer put deu01.ps3.download.playstation.net but not appear WAMP =/ what can i do? =/

    please a little help

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    daveribz Guest
    You say demos, but can this be used to install game add-ons or anything else that the PS3news PKG's page offers?

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    idone Guest
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i am pretty sure the [email protected] method stopped working quite a few firmware updates ago, so unless your on the lower end of the update totem pole there is no longer a way to proxy any pkg's over and have them install..

    Just a heads up!

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    KrvheD Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by idone View Post
    Correct me if i'm wrong, but i am pretty sure the [email protected] method stopped working quite a few firmware updates ago, so unless your on the lower end of the update totem pole there is no longer a way to proxy any pkg's over and have them install..

    Just a heads up!
    yeah i was thinking that is an old quote

    thanks for advice

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    riqued Guest
    This could let me see the see the movie section of the store?

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