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Thread: Guide: Decrypt Blu-ray Movies with a PS3 WITHOUT keys

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    facelift Guest

    Cool Guide: Decrypt Blu-ray Movies with a PS3 WITHOUT keys

    Guys, i will elaborate with pics and much more later, but i thought you guys would like the gist of it so you can get started. Here is how i do it.

    1. Install PS3 SAK (Swiss Army Knife) to the PS3 OtherOS and boot into it. I use the network connection and do it via the ps3 instead of the web browser and transfer the ISO over the network. You can hook up a FAT32 hard drive and get the ISO that way as well.

    2. If you put the ISO on FAT32 hard drive, join them into 1 big iso with copy /b, then put it into a directory. If you did a network connection, then go to step 3.

    3. Install Nero Premium v7.8.5.0 and once installed, go to StartSmart, Extras Tab, make sure its in Advanced Mode and then choose Mount ISO image. Mount the ISO of the blu-ray movie you have. It is VERY important to use nero, as Daemon Tools DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY FOR THIS METHOD.

    4. Install AnyDVD HD Once installed, go to windows explorer and check the mounted ISO drive to see if the AACS Directory has been renamed to SLY!. If so, you should be good.

    5. In AnyDVD HD, right click on the icon in the taskbar, and you will see: Rip Video HD-DVD / Blu-Ray to Hard disk. Choose that, make sure the drive being chosen is the one with the Nero mounted Blu-Ray image and let it rip. I suggest not doing much while it works its magic.

    5a. Now, a lot of people talked about how AnyDVD HD has errors with blu-ray, but that is because they fixed the ripping in the latest version ONLY if you use the special rip tool. If you go to windows explorer and copy over the files to your hard drive, THEY WILL ERROR. This is the ONLY way to do it properly, and i will show you how to verify next.

    6. Once complete, you should have the full blu-ray in your hard drive and ready to go. As a test, close AnyDVD HD and try to play any of the .m2ts's on the image mounted, THEY WILL NOT WORK. But the ones off of the hard drive you decrypted will. Now, you need to check for errors. Most blu-ray movies come with MPEG2 Trailers which are ~100-300 megs a piece for other blu-ray movies. Copy 2-3 of them into a empty directory. You will need to check these for errors. When AnyDVD HD errors, it happens on every file, so you want to check at least 2-3 files for errors and make sure they are ok using MPEG2Repair.

    7. MPEG2Repair WILL NOT accept Decrypted .m2ts files. You need to convert them to .ts. The program i use is called: m2tstots. It is command line based and lightening fast. Once you convert those files you have, go ahead and run them through MPEG2 repair, 1 by 1. You will have a stream error, dont worry about that, its because ALL blu-rays give that error. Once done, the only thing you want to look for is errors in the video/audio areas. I did this with 4 different movies i had no keys for and they worked perfectly.

    If you guys have any issues i will be back later to help, but that is how ive SUCCESSFULLY decrypted blu-ray movies WITHOUT ANY ERRORS using no keys at all!!! Enjoy!

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    ricopicouk Guest
    Sweet, thanks very much. Trying this now!

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Nice, I bet the process will be simpler as we get into the PS3 more so I'll hold out before I start my BluRay Archieve up.

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    qtx999 Guest
    very nice info!! worked like a champ and with a bluray with no published key (US version of enemy of the state) i usually test that they are decrypted with a quick play using vlc. all other utils recognized the m2ts files normally (elecard xmux)

    now for some others....

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    phunky Guest

    Big Grin

    I was able to simplify this process:

    1. mount the image (I used newest Dameon Tools)
    2. run latest AnyDVD HD
    3. browse the mounted image and check for a sly! folder (this just means it is being decrypted)
    4. find the STREAM folder and copy the .m2ts files you want, biggest one is the main movie, paste to HDD.
    5. played fine with PowerDVD Deluxe

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    Duff Man Guest
    how are you able to browse the mounted image? windows gives me an error saying the file system is corrupt or something similar - i can still use the rip command through anydvd and i get the files - just can't browse - any ideas?


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    phunky Guest

    Big Grin

    Yes, there is a UDF 2.5 driver for windows XP/xbox 360 that is needed.

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    flylow Guest
    tried it on Open Season... ripped, decrypted, and split the files into 3gb each using File Splitter 1.31. Plays perfect on ps3 XMB firmware 1.70... however only stereo sound.

    doesnt seem to work for the new Blu-Ray movie "Night at the Museum".

    anyone else got this title to work?

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    WOWchamp Guest
    Which version of AnyDVD HD are you using?

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    flylow Guest
    I'm using AnyDVD

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