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    Post Guide: Browse files on your PC via PS3 with Apache Server

    You can browse your files on your PC from your PS3 using Apache Server (on the Apache folder in ur PC)

    How can it be useful?

    1- Browse your saved HTML/TXT files.
    2- Save files to your Memory Stick/SD/CF if you dont have one.
    3- I don't know what else


    1- Download AppServ from (http://www.appservnetwork.com/) and install it on your PC.
    2- Link your PS3 to your PC (Wired/Wireless LAN, I'm using wired though).
    3- Go to Local Area Connection Status and go to the Support tab.
    4- Copy the IP Adress and enter it on your PS3 Browser. (from your PC it's http://localhost)

    Now you'll browse the "C:\AppServ\www" folder and everything inside it

    If you click on files, it'll ask you to put storage media (flash/SD/MS/CF) and you can save to it without having adapter.

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    videostarz Guest

    Anyone using Ps3 Media Server

    Is anyone using PS3 Media Server? I find it extrememly useful for media file managment. I'm trying to find in all in one type of Media Server though that I can use Netflix and have access to my pc hard drives. I have used Playon with great success for streaming netflix, but they dont have a file viewing portion to it.


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    Ziran Guest

    Ps3 problem

    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to ask either you guys here have any solution for me? I had a ps3 console. i had a disc stuck in the drive. when i try to on the sensor switch... it cant. The light appears green when on then it became blue 1secs yellow 1 secs and red to off mode again..

    I try to reset the console but i cant...
    So i remove the cover for the ps3 and i follow details on D.I.Y (Do It Yourself mode) to remove the blue ray disc.
    Everything is done removing and i had assembled them completely... now the only thing is there any ways can i reboot the ps3?

    Any solutions guys?

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