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    FRott Guest

    God of War III PS3 Theme Now Available

    Here is a new God of War III Theme for the PlayStation 3 console.

    God of War III Theme features:

    - 5 Backgrounds
    - Custom Icons
    - 2.53 Firmware Compatible

    Download: God of War III PS3 Theme


    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    kakarotoks Guest

    wrong URL

    Clicking on the link from the main article shows a "Not found" error. The URL is wrong, so here's the correct URL that points to the theme :

    Can someone please correct that.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by kakarotoks View Post
    Can someone please correct that.
    Fixed it, and +Rep for letting us know!

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    aboood255 Guest
    thank you a lot FRott

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    MrStanana Guest
    Great theme!


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    ahhahhisapro Guest
    thx for the nice theme.

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    ramomax Guest
    beautiful theme man, thanks

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    Malignant Guest
    Looks very nice. TY

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    overtaker2005 Guest
    nice theme just installing..

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    Stike Guest
    This is a very nice theme, thx!

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