Note: The original version of this GeoHot PS3 Exploit Ubuntu Linux Guide is located here!

This is actually quite simple, bit of instruction (read through it), but the actual commands are very few, most of the text is for background detail.

For starters, download this CD ISO image:

Burn it to a disk, stick it in your PS3, make sure to format the drive (10gb for OtherOS - fine), then hit Install Other OS. It will detect the bootloader (.BLD), install it, and then tell you to set the default system to OtherOS - do so (keep the disc in)

On reboot, just hit enter at the kboot: prompt, which will start the install procedure - its very straight forward, just use the default settings.

Once installed (my install took about 2 hours, and appeared to freeze multiple times - don't worry, it didn't!), and rebooted.

I ran into an issue (it started yelling about missing rootfs), the BLD was "bad", so being lazy, I just rebooted to PS3 mode, and installed Petiboot as the OtherOS (it's only the bootloader).

That detected the Ubuntu install, which then booted right up. Then proceed to login , and then start up a terminal.

Issue this command:

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However, to actually get any use of the exploit, you are going to have to of course compile your own code, by either editing the exploit, or adding in your own code - so it's probably best to have a working development environment!