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Thread: FW 2.35 and PS3 Proxy

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    ikaroweb Guest

    Arrow FW 2.35 and PS3 Proxy


    I'm tried to install a demo to ps3 from my pc with ps3 proxy but he does not work.
    He give me this error code: 8002300.

    Someone tried to install some demos with the new fw?

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    renewal Guest
    I have the same problem.

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    sithvegeta Guest
    Same here. The update probably broke ps3proxy :\

    Actually. There is a way around this problem.

    If you go to the Playstation store and download a demo and click download in the background and then download another demo and click download in background (click the download in the background button really fast!)

    Then go to your download management screen and pause the second download and then the first one. Now replace the second downloads url in ps3proxy and resume its download. It should download the demo or whatever you what in that games place. Install it like normal then restart your ps3. (This is how I just downloaded the korean MegaTV app).

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    aldostools Guest
    It seems that the new FW2.35 has implemented some kind of Game ID verification for downloads, because it returns an error 80023300 when you download a different with a different game ID.

    After a few tests I found that the Proxy works if you replace the *real* link and download the game from the PSN store. So now you're forced to install from the PSN store, instead of use [email protected] or the PLAYSTATION®Home icon. This new method is less convenient than before, but at least the proxy still works, just that in a different and more difficult way. So the good news is that we can continue using the PC's download accelerator to download large demos and don't have to redownload the uninstalled demos again.

    0-I assume that you have your PS3 connection configured to use the proxy.
    1-Run the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI, tick the PS3 option and Start the proxy.
    2-Enter to the USA PSN Store, and browse until you find the demo that you want to install and start the download
    3-Cancel the download immediately you see the download bar
    4-Open the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI and go to the Logs tab
    5-Right click to copy the URL of the game
    6-Go to the Replace Files tab, press the Add button
    7-Paste the link you copied in the step 5 in the left field
    8-Select the small button in the right field and browse for the downloaded PKG file
    9-Select to download the demo again on the PSN link
    10-Wait until it installs the demo.

    Unlike the previous method using [email protected] download icon, now you can use the background download.

    I haven't tried sithvegeta's method, but it sounds interesting for demos not longer available in the PSN.

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    samuelg Guest
    thanks i had the same problem.. can someone make a video?

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    jimmolo Guest
    hi to everybody!

    i have the same problem.

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    ptrci Guest
    Now there is a problem that I have and I am not unique. There is that we are not in my account and are not available in store. Such as the Grand Tourism JP Demo.

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    aldostools Guest
    The new method to install demos now require to use the real link of the demo in the Proxy Server and download it from the PSN store where it is originally available (instead of use the [email protected]).

    For the games that are not longer available in the PSN store, use sithvegeta's method. Here are the steps in detail:
    0- In the PS3 Proxy clear all the demo related links in the "Replace Files" tab
    1- In the PSN store, go to your download list.
    2- Start the download of a large game (it doesn't matter if it is already installed)
    3- Select download it in background
    4- Immediately select a second large game (it can be any, just a different game)
    5- Keep pressing X several times until the download go to background. It is important that you do this fast.
    6- Exit from PSN store, and go to pause both downloads. (Do this fast too)
    7- In the PS3 Proxy Server, copy the URL of the second game (the game selected in the step 4)
    8- Go to "Replace Files" tab, press Add button and paste it in the left field and select the browse button to select the local PKG of the game that you want to install.
    9- In the PS3, cancel the first download and resume the second download (it should say 0% and that it downloaded 32KB).
    10- After download you will see a PKG installer listed in a bubble in the Games menu (but with the name of the game you selected in the step 4).
    11- Press X to install the PKG, at the end you will notice that you really installed the PKG downloaded from the Proxy.

    I used this method to install successfully the Folklore "Exclusive" Demo EUR and a couple more, which are not longer available in any of the PSN stores.

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    teecee14 Guest
    Likewise, suffering with the same problem, well annoyed

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    ptrci Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aldostools View Post
    The new method to install demos now require to use the real link of the demo in the Proxy Server and download it from the PSN store where it is originally available (instead of use the [email protected]).
    not led me, I have the same error that appears in folding.

    If the pkg correspond with the link of the game, then installs.
    But if the pkg not correspond with the download link it appears the error.

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