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Thread: FW 2.35 and PS3 Proxy

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    Zeronimoe Guest
    doesnt work for me.. tested it with warhawk, -addon, Home and some other games.

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    duchko037 Guest
    This method doesn't work with mine PS3 with 2.41. I have installed Vista.

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    Nightfox Guest
    Damn it, never should've updated my PS3 to 2.4 I'm getting the same annoying copyright error as everyone... damn useless... took me 3 hours to get the whole thing working and dang! It won't install. Is there anyway to downgrade back to 2.36?

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    SquareGravy Guest
    I've been trying this for weeks on 2.41 and still can't get it to work. I don't see how people are getting it!

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    duchko037 Guest
    PS3 isn't downgradeable yet.

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    soca90 Guest

    Angry problem 2.41 firmware

    I only can install demos present on ps3 network with 3.41. Wen I have the firmware 3.60, ps3 proxy work without problem i can install anything on my ps3 except for the pay games. also i can install GT5 JP demo version. Now Sony put some type of file verification that now with 3.41 firmware can't install that type of game like GT5 JP demo version.

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    Nightfox Guest
    Look everyone, it seems that getting the games/demos on your PS3 can be done really easy but then it WON'T install to anyone having firmware version 2.4/2.41. Sony have done something on those version so you can't install anything... tried 3 different demos and so far none installed with the same copyright error.

    So until someone manages to find a way to manipulate PKG files to disable that error nothing be can be done, otherwise I'd like to hear it.

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    jp23 Guest
    aldostools method works with 2.41, but when you try to install it it gives you the error 8002AE4. I tried with several games but i coudn't intall the games. Can someone help me out finding a way to make it work.


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    jabberosx Guest
    both the methods are not working for me too in 2.41... this sucks

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    aldostools Guest
    This is a slightly different (and easier) procedure to the sythvegeta's method to install demos not available in the PSN store:

    0- I assume that you have the PS3.Proxy.Server already configured
    1- Go to the PSN store and start the download of a large demo (it must be larger than the one to be installed). IE. Ratchet or Bourne
    2- Select to send the download the background and exit from the PSN store.
    3- Go to Download Manager in the XMB and pause the download.
    4- Copy to the clipboard the URL of the demo (the one of step 1) that appears in the Log tab of the PS3.Proxy.Server
    5- Go to the Replace Files tab, press the Add button and paste the URL copied in the step 4 in the left field and select the local PKG file to be installed in the right field.
    6- Restart the download in the Download Manager found in the XMB. If you select to show the status, it should display the actual size of the demo stored in your PC.
    7- After the download is completed, select to install the bubble found under Game in the XMB.

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