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  1. #21
    cenoxdj Guest
    Ps3proxy doesn't work from 2.30...

  2. #22
    fransua1981 Guest
    only works under 2.30 and use this method:

    0-I assume that you have your PS3 connection configured to use the proxy.
    1-Run the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI, tick the PS3 option and Start the proxy.
    2-Enter to the USA PSN Store, and browse until you find the demo that you want to install and start the download
    3-Cancel the download immediately you see the download bar
    4-Open the PS3.Proxy.Server.GUI and go to the Logs tab
    5-Right click to copy the URL of the game
    6-Go to the Replace Files tab, press the Add button
    7-Paste the link you copied in the step 5 in the left field
    8-Select the small button in the right field and browse for the downloaded PKG file
    9-Select to download the demo again on the PSN link
    10-Wait until it installs the demo.

  3. #23
    magcan Guest
    i don't understand the new method.

    How can i enter the psn store while PS3.Proxy.Server CF3B5 is open.

  4. #24
    Azedo84 Guest
    I'm having trouble trying to config the proxyserver.gui here.

    I type the correct ID, DNS, etc, but when I try to test the connection it fails to get internet connection.

    Does anybody know what I'm doing wrong?

  5. #25
    nebulaking Guest
    Help me with FW 2.35? Any trick? I wanna install GT5, and my region is hk.

    Please anybody help...

  6. #26
    samworley Guest

    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by sithvegeta View Post
    Same here. The update probably broke ps3proxy :\

    Actually. There is a way around this problem.

    If you go to the Playstation store and download a demo and click download in the background and then download another demo and click download in background (click the download in the background button really fast!)

    Then go to your download management screen and pause the second download and then the first one. Now replace the second downloads url in ps3proxy and resume its download. It should download the demo or whatever you what in that games place. Install it like normal then restart your ps3. (This is how I just downloaded the korean MegaTV app).
    Thanks! this method was the only one which worked for me on 2.35, atm I'm downloading the Battlefield Bad Company demo using it

  7. #27
    reketekui Guest
    Hi all, somebody knows if the activations pkg's still working with this method?

    thanks all

  8. #28
    sagorap Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sephiroth25 View Post
    use ps3proxy by CF3B5 and replace original ps3-updatelist.txt by your modified file.
    what is its function?

    is there any other way to use new method without using PSN STORE? i cannot go online because my school does not open PSN ports.

  9. #29
    triforcesnake Guest
    i tried with 3r1C's proxy and it didn't work. now im gonna try with the GUI, because i want the cod4 map packs

  10. #30
    Mattwo Guest
    uh oddly psn doesn't work at all for me when I try the proxy... I have the version of FW with a 5 at the end (Newest I believe)

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