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    Registered User keboonetstaff's Avatar
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    So is PS3 Proxy working with the new stuff available on ps3news site and with the firmware 2.52 ?

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    Help me...I have a problem 8002AE04

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    hello, I'm an italian boy... this method work in my playstation.. i have the last fw... but during the installation I have the error 8002AE04...some people says that this is a copyright error...

    Can you write me full game that working on my fw ?

    I've tried with Gripshift and wipeout... but unfortunately they don't work...

    Sorry for me english...

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    i am having the same problem

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    im having the same problem too

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    i have been doing the proxy trick... i can download the games via my ps3 but CAN NOT install them.

    when i try to install it says that i have to upgrade my firmware.

    is there a way around that?

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    thx for the guide!

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    the proxy works with 2.53 both with same install and by replacing the game (hello TOD )

    yea well, installing them still doesn't work 8002AE04 error, will anyone ever find a way around this ?
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    hello !!!

    not led me, I have the same error that appears in folding. help me !!

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    full games

    I read that's because you don't have that game (full) in your download list (history of all your downloaded files from ps store)

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    With 2.53 dont Works to Install a FULL GAME via PS3_PROXY! Everytime show ERRORS!!!

    Any news about it?!


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