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Thread: FW 2.35 and PS3 Proxy

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    sharpshooter2k3 Guest
    This is kinda frustrating to get to work as none of the methods mentioned seem to provide a solution for me

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    Seff Guest
    I simply connect my PS3 to the proxy server, enter the PS Store, set the file to download, pause the download, copy-paste the download link from "Log" tab to "Replace" tab, browse and select the replacement file from my PC HDD, then restart the download. Works 100% for me

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    Coolie4 Guest
    ok, well what demo are you using to start the download? do you use the same demo everytime? which demo works to install full games?

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    DoodyShaun Guest
    I've managed to get something downloaded using the proxy method from the store, but as soon as I try to install the game, I get an error. Not to worry.

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    MilyardoX2 Guest
    What is the proxy method? Where was it announced by Sony?

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    Coolie4 Guest
    lol considering it could be considered a form of pirating, it was never announced by $ony. do some research then come back.

    anyways, im beginning to think that installing anything using proxy on 2.42 is all just a big hoax =/

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    meightym80 Guest


    I'm having the same problems too!!! I'm stuck at 2.42 FW... and dang man... this stuff is truly sickening since u can't downgrade... at least from what I know!!!

    I tried all of the suggested solutions!!! And still came up with nothing lol! 2.42 FW... sucks knowing u can't switch back to revert back to previous FW... for some games will need the future update to play!

    I just really don't know what to say man!

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    law99 Guest
    I want to ask, when proxy method worked last time? I mean at which firmware version it was possible to install some .pkg of a full working game (not demo)?

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    aldostools Guest
    Full games (basically Lemmings EUR, Super Rub'a'Dub and GripShift) could be installed using the Proxy Method without having to purchase the game until FW1.50 or 1.60.

    Demos, add-ons and full games (only paid or shared) can be installed via proxy until 2.41 (confirmed).

    Until FW1.60 or 1.70 you could use any link to download the demos/full games. From FW1.80 until 2.30 you should use the link to download [email protected] From 2.35 to 2.41, you should use the link listed in your Download List (or the methods explained in posts #4, #8 and #90 of this thread).

    There are mixed results for 2.42 and above (some people say the proxy still works in 2.42, others say it only download the demos but don't install).

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    law99 Guest
    So since FW 1.50/1.60 Proxy method only allows to install full game if you paid for this game because paid games locked to your PSN account? Then what's the point of using this method if you can just download game from PSN Store?

    It's clear that you can connect to PSN Store via proxy server and it can store requested .pkg file in its cache. And if you try to download the file from the PSN Store later, your proxy can serve it from the cache.

    Please explain what else we can get using so called "Proxy Method".

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