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  1. #111
    noise511 Guest
    can anyone confirm if the proxy run or not with firmware 2.42 or not ?


  2. #112
    trizyman Guest
    proxy runs on my ps3 fw 2.42 but error 8002AE04 when installing.

  3. #113
    mairsy7 Guest
    yep thats all you get mate when you are on latest firmware, ERROR! lets hope someone can work their magic.

  4. #114
    Taken83oveR Guest
    Yea, I just looked at the latest Warhawk 1.50 news, and they mentioned the http://ps4news.com/subdomain.php?pagename=psn site. So I gave it a go with 2.42, with no luck. I could get stuff downloaded, but just could not get it installed.

  5. #115
    ilcake1 Guest
    is their anyway to down grade your fw i have 2.42?

  6. #116
    ptrci Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by ilcake1 View Post
    is their anyway to down grade your fw i have 2.42?
    Only with infectus.

  7. #117
    ilcake1 Guest
    where do i download this from (infectus)?

  8. #118
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by ilcake1 View Post
    where do i download this from (infectus)?
    This is going off-topic from "PS3 Proxy" but to answer, you have to buy it from one of the resellers listed here: http://infectus.biz/resellers.php

  9. #119
    Dribblemark Guest
    Does his Method Only work for demos that are no longer in the PS3 Store Because i Tried and it didnt work maybe cuz i turned off my PS3 lol... but does that method work for gettin home beta?

  10. #120
    surp22 Guest
    Hi all,

    so I tried what was posted in post #4 and #8 because I have the 2.42 version of firmware. I was able to download the demo from PC to PS3 using PS3proxy, however, I was unable to install the demo that I downloaded and I got an error number that starts with 8.

    also, to make this work, I had to choose a demo from psn that is bigger than the one that I actually wanted to install.

    the Ps3proxy still works with the 2.42 but unfortunately it is useless. I really hope someone can come up with a solution to the 8---- error.

    thank you

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