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    Post Enable Wifi on Yellow Dog Linux with 1.7+ PS3 Firmware

    1. Update the firmware on your PS3. This can be achieved from GameOS with the Software Update function in settings.

    2. Download the new PS3 wifi enabled kernel:

    3. Install the new kernel

    [Register or Login to view code]

    4. Edit /etc/kboot.conf
    Take your default kernel line, and make a copy of it and then modify the original line to point to the new kernel.

    For example, if your default kernel line is:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    The new section would like this:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Where oldydl is your original kernel.

    5. Reboot

    6. Configuring Wireless
    a) Unplug the ethernet cable, eth0 is both the wired and wireless
    Ethernet port on PS3s.
    b) Launch system-config-network (Network in the Settings menu)
    c) Delete the eth0 (gelic_net) interface.
    d) Create a Wireless connection.
    e) You may now configure that wireless connection as you would with
    other YDL versions. One note here that confused me when I did this
    was that the ESSID specified as "Auto", when I actually needed to
    remove that and select the Auto radio button.
    f) You can now activate the interface.

    7. Enjoy your new wireless enabled PS3.

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    Edit /etc/kboot.conf. the kboot file isn't in that etc folder at all. what do i do now since its not there or anywhere on the hard drive ?

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    kboot config file should be there if it's not create it.

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    how do i create it and what should be in the kboot.conf file after i create it ?

    is this what i got to type out also rpm -ivh /path/to/kernel-ps3-2.6.16-20070425.ydl.3.ppc64.rpm or do i gotta find where the kernel file is at and put that in ?

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    the easiest way to wifi is YDL 6.0 or 6.1 distros.

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    where is the best place to download ydl? cuz when i downloaded it from there website for some reason it won't let me install the wifi part of it ?

    when i try to load the kernel into the computer through the terminal it says kernel < 2.6.17 conflicts with autos-5.0.1-0.rc2.43.0.2.ppc kernel < 2.6.17 conflicts with hal-05.9-8.ppc what do i do to fix this problem so i can get the kernel to work ?

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