Letís start by going over what tools you will need. This tutorial is already assuming youíve extracted the DTS file already (if you need the first steps to extract the DTS file try Google) and are ready to start converting. This is mainly being written because of the demand for it and also because I get several HiDef Mkv containers with DTS and Iím guessing this isnít just me.

Programs Used:

- EAC3TO (Command Line Interface; http://download.videohelp.com/download/eac3to235.zip)

- EAC3TO GUI (GUI Add-on; http://madshi.net/EAC3toGUI.zip)

- WinRAR (File Extractor for Above Files; http://www.rarsoft.com/download.htm)

The Process:

This process is so simple with the program above; it made everything else I tried look useless and overdone.

1) The first step is of course to extract your compiled applications into one folder. Make sure you have installed WinRAR if you havenít had it installed already. I usually just use a localized folder on my desktop to make it easier for myself when extracting the files from archives. In this example I extracted everything to D:\\DTSFix since my D drive has more space

2) Once you have extracted both eac3to and eac3to-GUI into the same folder in the above step, I encourage you to locate your DTS folder and put it somewhere you will have space to do the conversion. My DTS file I worked with was 1.6 GB and my AC3 output file was only 890Mb.

3) Load eac3to GUI App and select Browse in the Source file location and select your DTS file. I always make an output file so I can find it easier. So if you want to; select browse on the output area and get that all setup.

4) This step took a few tries to get it working correctly. I didnít actually mess with any settings at all so it would remain as close to the original as possible. However I did have to change my Force Filter setting which is located in the middle area. This you might have to toy with a bit, I had three filters listed in my drop down. The first two failed on me which was the ďSonicĒ and the ďNeroĒ filters. The third one worked perfectly.


Thatís all it takes, the conversion processes took only around 5 minutes or so. This could vary on computer performance and size of course. Now take your newly made AC3 file and do whatever you needed it for, in my case to include it with my custom H.264 movie file and compile it into a TS container.

Container Comparison:

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compari...tainer_formats