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    cfwprophet Guest
    If some is willing to help and have a matrix nand flasher then take a multimeter and measure out the SPI pins on the top of the board so i can add SPI programming for the pic on our opensource nand flasher. From left to right the first will be VCC.

    Second i'm guess GND, 3 TCK unknowen, 4 TDO unknown, 5 TDI (RB6) pin 27, 6 TMS unknown. Also i will try to add a LED to indicate if the chip is running and maybe also for data input/output.

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    muqset101 Guest
    CfwProphet is there a template for a ps3 nand flasher? If there is none i am willing to help i have a infectus 2 if you want me to take a close up image please ask and i would like you to help me because i am not to familiar with the program.. a tutorial or something


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    cfwprophet Guest
    I'll do so. You should know that i normally work a lot of hours per day and now i have holidays. To same time i translate the Android app ROM-Manager into german. So i cant say exactly when its done.

    He muqset101 i missed the other things you postet. Dont know why but i only have read the part about the tut for useing EAGLE.

    No for what i know there is no template for a ps3 nand flasher. And we would need a shematic first then we can do a layout of it. But what will be a bit more importend would be the fw for the flasher. If there is a os version then we could use that but all other flasher have there own fw and for what i know they are all protected against dumping them. Otherwise some one other would have produced clones and would selling them.

    I think to do a layout and clone a chip like the infectus is not the prob. It would take time yes but in end we wouldn't have a fw to use the flasher. But first i need to translate ROM-Manager then i will write the TUT for EAGLE and then i have time for other or new projects.

    Ahh yes i want to post the list of printers and the information about the toner's that can be used for this direct toner methode.


    I found out that a opensource NAND/NOR flasher is already available like the NORway and similar. I'll give a look and update this post with infos and or board layout's when i have time.

    To time it looks like that we will get a opensource ps3 flasher that we can do by our owen. I found something with onboard flashes to hot or cold dual boot those NAND's/NOR's.

    -Stay Tuned your's cfwprpht-

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Another update. I have now translated the printer,paper and results list. Ok the papers are based on german catalog sites from every company that could be have good paper. Meaning the news paper you get at home for free.

    You will have to play around and do some tests to find out the best paper for your toner. As you can read in the first post most times the best are they feel like rubber a bit.

    Maybe a mod will update my first post with this .txt file ? THX

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now added the link to the text file in the first post and +Rep for the update cfwprophet!

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