first of all i have to thank all of the people responsible for this great website. second thank Dean for his mkv2avi a great software. third this is my first tutorial so bear with me...

what you need:
1\ PS3 with FW 2.5+
2\ PC with some serious space (depending on the MKV file usually double it is enough)
3\ the needed programs. which they are:
OR you can download the whole package which i've uploaded here:

the real tutorial:
1. extract the mkv2avi to a folder.
2. extract aviaddxsubs to a folder or to tools folder which inside mkvtavi folder.
3. run AVIAddXSubs.exe from step 2 extracted to location.
4. click on the configuration tab and configure the subtitles pereferences that you want.
a. for example you have spiderman3.mkv file and you want the english and dutch subs at this order then you have to put
spiderman3.mkv -------->the english sub file ------>the dutch sub file
in the same folder
b. depending on the mkv file video stream width and height you should configure them using the recommended settings that dean provided on his website:

5. close the AVIAddXSubs program and check that you have a new text file that has been created automatically "AVIAddXSubs.txt".

6. fire up the mkv2avi click on the xsubs tab enable it and browse for the location you extracted to in step 2.

7. choose the mkv file and click on the button that says encode to avi.

that's it!!!!

it should start encoding "which the time of it depends on the movie itself" and when it finishes it well start the aviaddxsubs and mux the subs "it would take 3 minutes max"

try it on your ps3 and share your opinion.


If you had a problem with your subtitle being hardcoded too and i mean that you have a hard coded one and closable one.
you have to change your fddshow options so it wont start auto loading your subtitles for a while by removing the check mark from the configurations.

If the exported divx file is bigger than 4GB either turn on the split option "mux split at" or the max size "select muxed video size" on the main tab of the mkv2avi.

If you want to know what is really happening behind the scenes "i mean the encoding processes and every thing". turn on the "show spawned tools window" on the settings tab in the mkv2avi program.

i guess that's it..

please notify me if i got anything wrong or forgot something.