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Thread: Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray Back-up and Decryption via PS3

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    hacked2123 Guest

    Arrow Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray Back-up and Decryption via PS3

    Since most of us don't have bluray drives for our PC we have PS3 to aid us in our backup process.

    Link to other guide:

    This is the complete guide step-per-step:

    1. Boot into Linux
    2. Insert the Blu-ray movie you wish to backup

    3. Ctrl+Esc - Type "Terminal" (or click the terminal)
    (3.5 Connect your external hard-drive)

    4. Type "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img"
    4.5 Type "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/mnt/sdc/imagename.img"

    5. When this completes transfer the file
    (5.1 My way for step 5 above. Remove the external drive.)
    (5.2 Download and install Ext2FS)
    (5.3 Check enable write support for ext2/3)
    (5.4 Run Ext2Mgr and in the drop-down menu "Tools" selective "Service Management" click the "Start" button)
    (5.5 Right click the ext2/3 partition on your external hard-drive and click "Change Drive Letter" then click the "Add" button and select a letter, not a # )
    (5.6 Goto "My Computer" the drive should be there now if not try refresh (F5) )

    6. Install and run any version of IsoBuster
    7. File - -> "Open Image File"
    8. Create a directory somewhere on your PC. Inside that directory create a folder named BDMV. Inside of that directory create the folder stream)
    9. From IsoBuster drag and drom the AACS folder to your 1st new directory.
    10. Inside of BDMV - - > Stream copy which/all of the files located on the bluray image's corresponding directory
    (11. Install the Java Runtime on your PC. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_11\bin" (or the like) copy client, paste client, and rename it server) )
    12. Extract BackupBluRayv021

    13. Right-click CPSKey.cfg - - > Open with... NOTEPAD
    13.25 Navigate to and select your movie
    13.5 Copy and paste the Volume Unique Key then type "=" then the title of the movie then type " |00\00\00|" then copy and paste the CPS Unit Key
    13.9 Don't forget to save it

    14. Windows_BTN+R (run) - type cmd.exe
    15. Drag and drop BackupBluRay.cmd into cmd then type " "(space) the location you create (you can drag and drop it) then type " "(space) type the destination (try C:\)

    Lots of steps, but its the complete guide I promise. I did this successfully with Talladega Nights. When I find a way to find the CPS Key from the PS3 itself I shall let you all know. The output is playable on VLC.
    If you need any help drop a line here.

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    Since Linux is involved, I'm moving this to the Linux Chat section.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I'm going to try run the program under Eclipse or something of the similar on the PS3 linux tomorrow.

    Before I could even think about running it on the PS3 a problem appeared:
    No IsoBuster for Linux or PPC64
    So I going to continue to attempt, the rest of the night, to re-code BackupBluRay to run on a specified image name (ex. Talladaga Nights.img) and then analalyze it via hex to determine the hash, and, intially, find and decode just the file 00000.m2ts which will almost always contains the movie portion of a BluRay movie.
    Will post a new guide and send the modified BackupBluRay to PS3News when I'm done.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    5 Hours later... lol

    Anyways after 5 hours coding, the alpha is done and needs to be debuged. (That includes learning how the file was intially running and working, and then learning more Java (I wrote my first java program last week))

    BlurayImageDecryptor is a revisement of BackupBluray and should, when I'm finished debuging, run on the PS3 with the pre-installed linux program eclipse.

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, the problem is that its coded under java, if it was under say C++, it would be alot simpler to port (without the need for any external requirements!)

    Would like to see it when done however !

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Alright I'm a little mad... I coded every thing and I thought it would work perfectly....but the data I was retrieving wasn't the raw data, it was already decrypted or chucked... I feel like giving up, it's going to take me 2 or 3 days to figure it out. I might just give up and try porting it to C. Attached is the buffer out buffer[red] from The file should hold 32MB of values. It definitely doesn't.

    Edit: I give up on writing BluRayImageDecryptor for now. The buffer isn't passed as a stream of values therefore I can't analyze them how I intially inteneded on doing so I would in turn have to re-code the way the program runs, and for that I would rather see the alternative of coding it in C/C++. I'll write the progress on Friday when I'm back or Sunday when I get back from vaction.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Just tried BackupBluRay on the PS3 and its works fine from terminal.
    The command line is:
    java -jar BackupBluRay.jar (source) (destination)

    Would be best if someone would get UDF 2.5 working, but I might go back to program BluRayImageDecryptor.
    When homebrew is enabled for the PS3 what is the expected programing language

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    CJPC Guest
    Well, that may be possible to do, I need to look into making an "idiot free" guide to recompiling the kernel for UDF 2.5 support.

    Did you need any additional dependancies, or did java work "out of the box"?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by CJPC View Post
    Well, that may be possible to do, I need to look into making an "idiot free" guide to recompiling the kernel for UDF 2.5 support.

    Did you need any additional dependancies, or did java work "out of the box"?
    Yep, it worked right "out of the box" with the above stated command line; the directory structure must follow /bdmv/stream and /aacs

    I'm going to use the getByte() command to find the stream of bytes 47 109 99 109 63 0 0. (hex equiv-2F 6D 63 6D 66 3E 00 00)(I have a hunch about that file always appearing before 0000.m2ts) from there it will continue finding 0, til it doesnt find zero, the continue til it finds 50+ zeros again.

    I'm off to work. Hope I helped.

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    CJPC Guest
    Good Luck! Im working on something else, only problem is that the runtime (as a whole) is ~15 mb compressed, and a bit too big of what needs to be done. However recompling the kernel on the PS3 shouldnt be hard to do for other people, the issue is, people who have other kernels, etc!

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