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Thread: Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray Back-up and Decryption via PS3

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jh87 View Post
    Hi hacked2123,

    Thanks for replying to my thread regarding the Ext2fs problem. For unknown reason, I am not allowed to reply to that thread. (thread closed?).

    So my answer to your question: It it the first time that I use Ext2fs. By the way, I acutally using the ext2 volumn manager from the Extfsd. Not sure if there is any different. Actually, I encountered this problem while following your guide here. I dumped the blueray movie image already, but unable to proccede due to the the PS3 linux drive not readable by my window PC. Any suggestion?
    Yea, I believe it some where here in the guide, but you have to start the service, it's in the service manager area.

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    chap Guest
    I'm getting an error I can't figure out. I'm trying to do Corpse Bride and here is what I come up with.

    E:\Backup_Blu-Ray\run>backupbluray.cmd e:\test e:\Corpse
    Backup Blu-ray V0.21 Starting
    Testing source
    Found valid Blu-ray source.
    Look for this movie in my database
    Hash= 3E36749ADB6DBDE0A2238817FB3EBF14BA09F0AC
    Found movie: Corpse Bride
    at java.util.StringTokenizer.nextToken(Unknown Source)
    at aacs.main.BackupBluRay.loadKeys( 89)
    at aacs.main.BackupBluRay.main(
    Error! Aborting

    Inside of e:\test I have \BDMV\STREAM and \AACS. I have java runtime installed and I copied and pasted the client folder and renamed it to server. Any ideas?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    It's your CPS key.config file. Look here:
    at java.util.StringTokenizer.nextToken(Unknown Source)
    The .nextToken in this program looks for |xx/xx/xx| somehow you must have mistyped something in it.

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    jh87 Guest
    I am still unable to have my PC read the PS3 hard drive (with the game and linux partition). So I basically copied the ISO to an Ext3 formatted external drive form PS3 linux. However, the copied ISO file size is much smaller on my external hard drive than the dumped ISO file on PS3 hard drive. In my case, the dumped black hawk down ended up with 45G, but when I copied it to the external drive, it is only 16G. Any clues?

    Also, is it possible the PS3 can play the dumped ISO on external hard drive without via linux? Thanks

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    hacked2123 Guest
    I don't know why the file would be that much smaller... test the image with iso buster, it should be fine. linux doesn't f up things as simple as copy/paste. the ps3 cant read ISO w/o linux (plus they are encypted)

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    jh87 Guest
    I am going to give up now. No luck so far. I think the guide also may need to be improved.

    For instance, "10. Inside of BDMV - - > Stream copy which/all of the files located on the bluray image's corresponding directory". Does it mean you only extract the files in the folder "stream"? what about other files?

    Anyway, first I got the "unable to access backupbluray.jar file" error. And when I manually use the java -jar command, I got the following message:

    Backup blu-ray V0.21 Starting
    Usage: Backupbluray Sourcedrive DestinationDirectory
    Example: Backupbluray f: e:\movie\somemovie

    I am really thinking to get a bluray drive now.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by jh87 View Post
    I am going to give up now. No luck so far. I think the guide also may need to be improved.
    Backupbluray f: e:\movie\somemovie
    this means its working fine. just type it like that with the first being the source folder c:\extracted_folder\ and the second being the destination c:\decrypted_movie\
    (your folder address should look like this:
    c:\extracted_folder\AACS\CPS key.confing

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    jh87 Guest
    hi, hack2123,

    How do you format your external hard drive, EXT2 or ext3? My Ext3fs works fine for ext3 formated drive, but failed to see the PS3 drive, which has both the PS3 game OS and Linux. However, like I mentioned before, Linux dumped a smaller size iso (only 16Gb to the ext3 formatted external drive. It seems Pointvu also had the same problem.

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Okay that's the information I wanted. The hard drive with the linux and PS3 game OS will have to have some sort of "emulation" (hate use that word) in windows to give the correct address to windows. One user here used a program to analyze the hard-drive and found that the partition does not show up with partition magic or the sorts but could be located with another program and is recognized as ext3.

    We will have to wait for a patch or emulator for that. (When I come up with the money to buy my external ("internal" PS3) hard-drive I will be able to come up with a way around this) (As of right now I have no first hand information on the topic)

    Which external are we talking about with the 16GB file size limit (is that the PS3 hard-drive wannabe)

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    jh87 Guest
    It is the USB "true" external drive. The only reason I dumped the ISO to my upgraded PS3 drive (500Gb, connected via modified SATA cable to the console)first, is because I haven't figured out how to dump it directly to the USB drive in Linux yet.

    By the way, do you formatted your usb external with EXT3? Hack2123, you are very helpful, thanks.

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