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Thread: Comprehensive Guide: Blu-ray Back-up and Decryption via PS3

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    hacked2123 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Speediakal View Post
    how can i install Java? if someone knows, could you explain it, since i am a total noob at Linux on Ps3, even Linux.
    It's already part of linux :P

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    Speediakal Guest
    so it would be in Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn? ill have to try it, thought i had to install Java. thanx.

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    Bluebrain Guest
    Hi guys!

    After reading a lot through this forum, I was able to dump my Blu-Ray Discs. I am not absolutely new to linux, but far away from an expert. Well - I know the basics.

    I own the following 3 blu-rays - each of them is encoded in one of the 3 blu-ray disc standard video codecs.
    SWAT (MPEG-2)
    League of the exordinary gentelmen (AVC)
    De Ya Vu (VC-1)

    What I did:

    - connected a 500Gigs USB HDD with 50GB ext3 and 450GB NTFS to my PS3
    - in YDL: mounted the ext3 partition and dumped with dd if=... the blu-ray disc

    - copied the ISO from the ext3 partition to the ntfs drive (Ext2fs installed to access ext3)
    - on my WinXP-PC I mounted the ISO with Nero ImageDrive
    - with AnyDVD running, I was able to copy the .m2ts files

    PC-playback on AMD 3000 with fanless Radeon 9600 HTPC machine
    - mpeg2 files from SWAT play without any probs
    - AVC files from LXG don't play smooth
    - VC-1 files: I wasn't able to play them at all (no VC-1 Codec installed?)
    Even PowerDVD-BD did not show the video (only audio)
    (just mentioned: the PowerDVD start-screen shows me a lot of icons including "Blu-Ray" and "AVC" - but no "VC-1")

    copied a ~150MB file to my USB stick and played on the PS3:
    mpeg2 and avc plays well and smooth
    with vc-1 files, the PS3 tells me "corrupted file" (or so)

    My goal would be, converting the blu-ray main-movie to a PS3 compatible video format and burn in on a (double-layer?) DVD+R or convert it to DivX-HD to playback on my HTPC

    Any ideas ?

    btw: all the blu-ray discs mentioned above are Region-B, bought in Germany

    Update to my previous post:

    I downloaded the latest PowerDVD Ultra Version via Torrent AND also the latest Update from the site.

    I installed it on an other PC with a "clean" Windows XP.
    (along with AnyDVD-HD, the Microsoft UDF2.5 Patch and Nero ImageDrive)

    Now I was able to play all "3 types" of my dumped blu-ray ISOs.
    I was also able to play the single files. But I could not change the audio-track while playing the .m2ts file in PowerDVD.

    However I did not find any other player exept PowerDVD that plays the VC-1 encoded .m2ts files. (mpeg2 und avs plays in every player)

    I wonder how long it will take, finding a program that can convert the VC-1 .m2ts to DivX or generic MPEG4/.H264

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    robertr728 Guest
    you can use ps3 video 9 version 2.25 to convert m2ts files. however as you say some will be jerky and not smooth when you get done. i never really corolated this to the origional video being avc and not mpeg2. but this could be the couse. im trying a different conversion program now on a file of xmen 3 that turned out jerky from conversion in ps3 video 9. if it works ill post the program info.

    have used ps3 video 9 to convert underworld evelution to [email protected] 6000kbs and it looks awsome smootha and as beautifull as the origional.

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    Bluebrain Guest
    Thanks for your tip with "PS3 video 9" - I didn't know this app.

    another interesting fact:
    with my (not supported) Radeon 9600, PowerDVD will not play the blu-ray BUT all single m2ts files ! (but you cannot change the audio track as mentioned above)
    (no probs with my supported X1800 XT)

    I will go and get a Radeon HD 2400 which is available from 50 bucks and full blu-ray/HD-DVD compatible (H264/VC-1 hardware decoder)
    I used the Radeon 9600 in my HTPC because its cheap, fanless and (up to now) had enough power for all my fields of application. (used my other PC with the X1800XT for gaming)

    I read an interesting review on HD-video compatibe graphic cards:

    Well, it's in german, but perhaps you can use google-translate to read in.
    But on the linked page you can see a compatibility chart (red/green/orange fields) and on the bottom a chart regarding CPU load, you don't need to know german for understanding)
    e.g. Sapphire offers a HD2400XT with HDMI connector and full HighDef Audio output via this HDMI port !!! ...looks very interesting.

    just downloaded "PS3 video 9" and gave it a try.
    the good news: you are right, it accepted all 3 types of m2ts: mpeg2, avc and vc-1

    it's already running and encoding.
    I try all 3 of my test-m2ts files in two versions: all quality-settings to "high" and all to "low"

    BUT: it seems to support only stero sound (which is a KO criteria for me)
    and: I wonder if it just takes the 1st audio track or the converted file will still contain all tracks (incl. DD 5.1 or DTS)

    and: what about DTS-HD and DD-plus (or however called)
    I don't have a HDMI 1.3 Audio-Amp, but looking into the feature that when High-Definition Audio is standard and I have to watch my "old" blu-rays, I am converting now, with old stereo sound.

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    robertr728 Guest
    found another program that encodes M2TS files to mpg. i was using ps3 video 9 but some of the avc files i beleive were jerky. anyways i used TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress and did x men 3 and it turned out 1080p and smooth as can be and before it was jerky. and you can control bitrate with this program so i lowered bitrate to 5500 kbs and it fits on 1 dvd-r.

    as for the 2 channel sound it does that cuz if playing video thru the xmb the ps3 only accepts 2 channel sound. thats a downfall that i hope will be fixed in the future with firmware upgrades? (not that im upgrading anytime soon)

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    Bluebrain Guest
    Well, that's a prob if the PS3 plays single files always only in stereo.(I wonder if Sony did this intentionally or a multichannel-feature for single-file playback will be added some time.)

    and: do you have any idea why the PS3 doesn't play VC-1 coded files? (mpeg2 and avc without any probs) - it just shows "currupted file".

    I hope that the price of blu-ray burners will fall in the next time and specially of blu-ray recordable media.
    I don't know the latest prices in the US but in Germany a single BD-R disc is about US$ 20,00 , so it does not make very much sense buing blu-ray movies, coping these to BD-R and sell them again via eBay or so at the moment - it would cost the same as keeping the original disc.

    However! It took a long, long time with DVDs until these great tools which are available now came out. So I think we just have to be a bit more patient and some time it will be just as easy as with DVDs to copy the titles.

    I think I will wait until blu-ray burners are <200,00 and BD-Rs <5,00. Up to then I will host them on HDDs. A 500GB HDD is less than 100,00 Euro and it can hold about 15 Blu-Ray images (depending on the size 20-40GB)

    I hope I will find a way playing single m2ts files with the possibility of choosing the audio track.
    I will also look around the next days finding a way to recode the blu-ray stream files to DivX or whatever with just the german audio track in DD or DTS. (the first audio track is normal alway an english one) Even if my english is not that bad and it would be no mistake watching movies in english but my wife would kill me :-)

    I will also have a look around on the sites of Adobe if they offer anything useful regarding blu-ray (e.g. Adobe Premiere plugin,...)

    Nero Showtime is also capable playing blu-ray movies but an additional plug-in is required. Well, it's only 25,00 EUR but I did not find it in any P2P network. Perhaps I will give it a try and buy it.

    It's great because you can also ENcode footage to blu-ray inkl. authoring. (sure: just simple authoring without Java coding, etc.. but well for personal movies and similar stuff)


    I'll try to burn a modified blu-ray image onto a DVD-R the next days. e.g. the new Adobe Encore CS3 offers blu-ray authoriting with mpeg2 and .H264 (but no VC-1) inkl. DD 5.1 and DTS 6-channel audio tracks. (anyone else already tried this ?)

    I created a Blu-Ray disc-image with Adobe Encore CS3 (which accepted the mpeg2 and avc but not the vc-1 coded m2ts files I ripped from my blu-rays)

    I burned the image with Nero onto a DVD+RW

    result: the PS3 reads the DVD+RW but reconises it only as a "Data Disk" but not as a blu-ray.
    I was able to play the recoded m2ts files from the STREAM folder but audio was only in Stereo (sure! the PS3 handled the files like from USB,...)

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    Aloop Guest
    Ok I am in the dark here.

    When I want to start the process, the prompt says "could not find CPS key" and I have no Idea why, I have read hacked's other comment on this and did not understand that = = is wrong. So some help would be appreciated

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    Pirate Bunny Guest
    I am new to Linux and using the PS3 as a computer. I have knowledge in torrents and html, but that is about it.

    I have done these steps:
    This is the complete guide step-per-step:

    1. Boot into Linux
    2. Insert the Blu-ray movie you wish to backup

    3. Ctrl+Esc - Type "Terminal" (or click the terminal)
    (3.5 Connect your external hard-drive)

    4. Type "dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso"
    How can I tell it is copying the movie? Where it will copy it?

    When I type in #4 I get a blank line. Do I type the next command?

    Please help a nebie noob.

    Thank you

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    sigkill Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pirate Bunny View Post
    I am new to Linux and using the PS3 as a computer. I have knowledge in torrents and html, but that is about it.

    I have done these steps:

    How can I tell it is copying the movie? Where it will copy it?

    When I type in #4 I get a blank line. Do I type the next command?

    Please help a nebie noob.

    Thank you
    you can send a signal to the dd process to see how long it has gone.
    kill -USR1 `pidof dd`

    and the dd process will output information about the ongoing copy.

    the command:
    dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/blu-raymovie.iso

    will output the file to /blu-raymovie.iso

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