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Thread: The Complete Guide to Free Movies on PS3

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    Post The Complete Guide to Free Movies on PS3

    The Complete Guide To Free Movies on PS3


    A) Introduction
    B) What you Need
    C) Recommendations
    D) Terms
    E) Locating Movies
    F) Extracting a URL for a movie
    G) Tversity Setup
    H) Access from your PS3
    I) Troubleshooting
    J) Conclusion


    A) Introduction

    This is a guide which will detail where to find free movies online, how to locate the url of the actual movie, how to input that url into Tversity, and how to play it back on your PS3. This guide will NOT cover; buring movies to alternate media, using programs other then Tversity, or any other topic irrelevant to what is outlined in this guide.

    The point of this guide is to allow you to, with relative ease, watch close to DVD quality movies located on the web on your TV using your PS3. The benefit of the process i will outline is that you dont have to "pre-download" the movie before you watch it. Instead your watching it as a stream, the same as you would from your computer, but instead its on your TV. In addition, the movie is downloaded and available on your computer to backup/keep.


    B) What you Need

    -Firefox 3.5.3 (what i have used for the guide, other versions may work too)
    -Embedded Objects 1.9, FF addon used to download/view url of embedded videos
    -FlashGot similar to above, but for flash content
    -Tversity 1.6 (pro recommended, both standard and pro are free) (1.7 is out, shouldnt matter)

    This guide assumes you know how to install the above, i will not provide support for installing these programs or hardware. There are resources to guide you through installation and setup, that will not be discussed here.


    C) Recommendations

    In my expereience quality and ability to play videos on your PS3 will be in large a matter of your network conditions. Ive found that all wireless 54g can be choppy at times and may require a few "intermissions" to make it through a movie.

    With the PS3 wired directly to the router via 100Mb/s (not gigabit even) and the host computer wireless G, i had practically no problem, as long as i let the video buffer for a couple mins before i started watching.

    My recommendation is that if something must be wireless, it should be the computer and not the PS3. Idealy, the best scenario would be all wired gigabit LAN, or PS3 wired and the computer on an N network.


    D) Terms

    -FF = Firefox
    -EO = Embedded Objects addon
    -FG = Flashgot


    E) Locating Movies

    Movie Forumz ( is the resource i use. It is a forum where users link to external video hosting sites where they have posted movies, tv shows, etc. It is well organized, has a good user base, and is accessible without registration.

    When i search for a movie i try to look for movies hosted as AVI. Some sites host as Flash and they typically do not have the same video quality as AVI, also it is harder to get the exact url of the video when its flash.

    Lastly and most inportantly...Flash cannot be streamed to the PS3 while it downloads, so you have to wait til its finished downloading before you can stream and watch it...kind of defeats the purpose.


    F) Extracting a URL for a movie

    Once you have found a movie you want to watch, that is an AVI, and is decent quality, you need to get movies URL. This is NOT the URL of the website. The embedded video has its own, unique url, and to get this we use Firefox and the above addons.

    Both addons provide a small icon in the bottom right corner of your FF window. The green arrow is Embeeded Objects, and the film strip is flashgot.

    Since we are assuming you want AVI, the green arrow is our primary focus. If you chose to get a flash movie, or maybe the content you want is on a site like youtube, then flashget is what you would use.

    So, using EO, you want to load the page with the video, let start the video, you can let it play for a split second then pasue it. Now left click the green arrow, you will see a small menu, with at least one file with the extension .avi , this is typically the movie you want.

    Click details, and a window opens with information about each video. For the one ending in .avi, right click the area under the column URL and a menu you come up, click copy.

    Now you have the direct URL to the movie in your clipboard. This is the link you need to be able to access the movie.


    G) Tversity Setup

    Tversity is a free and easy to use media center/ streaming program. It will convert/re-encode video on the fly to playable formats for the PS3. It also works with other computers and other hardware.

    First thing you want to do is click the 'Setting' button near the top of the page. Under general there is an option 'Temporary Media Files'. It is a good idea to change this to a size that can hold several movies at any given time. For instance i have mine set to 8000Mb (8GB).

    The reason for this is if you want to re-watch or backup/permantly keep one of the movies you can access it in this folder. This way you dont have to redownload/restream it to your computer. Keep in mind that once you hit the limit you set it will delete the oldest content, so if you want to keep a file in that folder move it somewhere else.

    Open Tversity, and click the Library tab. Under Sources<Internet Media<Internet Video is a list of videos from the internet you have/want to add to the library.

    Under Library<Video<Internet is the list of videos that have been inported to your library.

    It is important to understand the difference, as only the media under the Library section will actually show up on the PS3, if you added the video as a source and its not showing up here, then you will need to troubleshot, more on that later.

    If you click the big plus sign at the top left of the window, you will open a window for adding content as a source, and hopefully the library.

    Under Video URL, paste the URL from the step above.

    Title can be simply the name of the movie

    The only other part that matters is the advanced button, click this to expand the menu. The Transcode option normally should be set to 'When needed', on rare ocassion some movies wont play unless you select always. This setting only applies to the movie for which your editing the settings for, not all movies.

    Now click Submit. Once you do this it can take upto 5 mins for Tversity to process the addition and add it to your library. You will see a circular loading animation that lets you know its process near the top of the window. Once its gone, Goto Library<Video<Internet to see if it was added. If it was move on, if not you need to troubleshot.


    H) Access from your PS3

    This is fairly straitforeward. In XMB, goto the Videos section. You should have an icon for Tversity there with the network name of your computer. Cycle to it and hit 'X'. Then in this fashion navigate to internet movies and select the movie you want to watch.

    The screen generally at this point goes black, with a small icon usually at the top right hand corner showing that something is loading. This can last a few minitues.

    A good indicator of how things are working is to goto the computer, open Tversity, and click the Status button at the top. This window will offer you information that will show whats going on.

    If things worked right you should see the download area, streaming area, and possibly the transcoding area all indicating a percentage of progress.

    The movie will auto start at some point. What i generally do is pause it as soon as it starts and i give it at least 5 mins before i sit down and watch.

    Dependant on your network or download speeds (some of these hosting sites have slow connection), the video may play faster then it buffers.

    You can gauge things by comparing the timeline in your PS3 players GUI/overlay with the Stream status in Tversity. For instance if the movie your watching has only been streamed 33%, and your movie is 1 hour 30 mins long...well you will be able to watch 30mins in before it stops. If you pause it and walk away and come back and its at 66%, you can watch another 30 mins. Etc.


    I) Troubleshooting

    **Tversity doesnt see my PS3 or visa versa.
    In this situation its best to make sure that;
    1-Both devices are connected to the network and internet.
    2-Restart both devices.
    3-Refer to Tversity for help on setup.

    **My video is choppy/stutters/stops.
    If your useing anything less then wireless G for both the PS3 and the computer hosting the video, then this is why and there is really no way around it without changing you network.

    If at the very least you have both the PS3 and computer using wireless G or better, check signal stranght to make sure they are getting the full 54Mb/s.

    Next check the download status of the movie, if its downloading slowly there is nothign you can do but wait. Some of the hosting sites have very slow load speeds.

    If its none of the above, try hardwiring your network and see if it helps. If it doesnt or you cant try this refer to Tversity and/or your network hardwares support.

    **I added my Video to Tversity but it doesnt show up on the PS3 or in Tversity's Library

    Most often this happens when the URL of the video was not right. Check to make sure you cpied it correctly.

    In some special cases, what you coppied might contain extra text along with the URL for instance;

    blah blah url="" blah blah

    In this scenario you have to copy just the part inside the quotes starting with 'http' and ending in the video files extension.

    For all other issues feel free to ask here, but your better off taking specific troubleshooting question to the respective support site, ie Tversity for support with Tversity, your network hardwares site for network help, etc.


    J) Conclusion

    If everything worked, congratulations you can now rinse and repeat to watch your favorite movies for free on your Tv using PS3.

    I will at some point add screenshot of steps to include with this guide. I just dont have time right now.

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    It's both handy and a nice addition to our guides here dvdesign so +Rep!

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    I have used a lot tversity before buying my tvix media juke bok but it`s one amazing software

    I wonder if there is not a way to tversity automaticly add new movies, so you would not need to touch it again just go to the media folder in the ps3 and see if there was any new link addition for the ps3.

    The good luck is that I do understand english because it would take years until something like that reach my country and show subbed movies.

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