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    FEEDBACK: How to organize PS3 sections here?

    As more members (and Staff'ers) get PS3's, and as more visitors who recently got a PS3 stumble upon I'm seeking feedback from our current users on what we can do to advance the PS3 into the forefront of our Web site/Forums. Of course we'll still cover other console news, but in coming months PS3 will (obviously) be our primary news topic here... especially with the EUR release on the way in 2007.

    I don't think there is an immediate need yet for "1:1 PS3 Back-Up Chat" or "PS3 DVDRip Chat" sections, however, what about sections such as:

    - PS3 (General) Chat
    - PS3 iSO Image Chat (File lists and sizes, etc- no warez of course)
    - PS3 Linux Chat
    - PS3 On-Line Gaming (Clan) Chat
    - PS3 Tutorial Chat
    and so on...

    Does anyone have any other ideas for sections? Or any PS3-related ideas in general that would be useful to members/viewers of Feel free to discuss it below- Thanks all!

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    what about a ps3 hacks section? maybe a bit premature, dunno, what you think?


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    Big Grin

    That sounds good to me to start things off, at least until the scene explodes

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    Technical section

    PS3 Technical Discussion
    Talk about every tecnhical detail about PS3 and his accessories


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    We can always add more as they are required... mainly I was just thinking (in the near future) of at least a PS3 Linux specific section as many users prefer to delve into that since you can do so much with Linux already, which really is 'above' the average gamer "PS3 Chat" wise. Keep the suggestions coming guys!

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    Was thinking of backward compatibilities, for ps1 & ps2 backup games, but then again, we can't play back-up games of anything for the PS3 yet. So that's out of the question....

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    An "X: PS3 problem? -- Help Section"

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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie666 View Post
    So this whole site is going to be mostly about PS3? How bout the wii and Xbox 360 sections? Don't forget the other consoles (even though I'm mostly about PS3) I think you shouldn't forget about them
    Ya, we won't- don't worry. Any big Wii/360 news etc. will still be posted in our Site News... just I (myself) don't own either so I will mainly stick to posting PS3 news as more people get PS3 consoles.

    For any Wii/360 people who may read this though- since I don't currently own a Wii/360 (and can't test anything on them, etc) it would be GREAT if you can keep me updated on developments in the Wii/360 Forums. Then, any cool/important news I can mirror to our Site News for everyone to see. A few of our Staffers own them, so hopefully as things progress they will be among the Wii/360 leaders on our boards.

    PS: I am giving a 'Thumbs Up' rating to everyone who replies with an idea/suggestion to this thread!

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    How about "working linux programs"?

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    I understand ps3 is not really that big right now, but I was a huge fan of the site for years which mainly dealt only with the ps2. So when i got my ps3 i came here and i see all this other stuff about wii and 360 and psp.. i guess its just to soon to make a website solely about ps3, but hopefully in the future this website will only partake in ps3 related information, otherwise perhaps the name should be changed.

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