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    i can install it over rogero 4.46 CEX with multiman 4.50

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    Haven't tried this yet I might just wait and see what happens.

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    rogero 4.55 is out awesome ty friend

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    Can this work with a ps3 slim 4.55 ofw? thanks

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    Oct 2013
    No you can't there will be no possible way unless something magically happens as of now you can only install CFW if you are in another CFW or in 3.55 OFW

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    May 2014
    hi i tried to install this on my ps3 non slim 4.55 version but i get a error message 8002f2cf.

    my ps3 is not modded or anything just normal ps3. something i need to do first ?

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    your console needs to be at a base firmware of 3.55 or less or use a hardware flasher.

    you cant update this over an original firmware above 3.55

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    Makes sense now, great many thanks. I will look into this hardware flasher

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    wheres the DL??

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