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    Lol fail

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    Goes to show, someone throws a ball, everybody goes runnin... lmfao

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    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    I've just checked it and it's just "Pes.2012.PC.Multi5.iND". So I can confirm that it's fake.

    Please remove the Download links boss so no one gets confused and downloads them.
    Done as requested, and Thanks for the confirmation / update everyone!

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    i do hope duplex is a wrestling fan to be interested enough in fixing it.

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    so.. can i play this game on cfw 3.55??

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    Not yet (based on what the other posts are saying).

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    Yeah like pasty745 said, it won't work on 3.55 CFW.

    I haven't even seen any releases for it on the PS3 (except the fake one), but when I do, I (or anyone else) will post the links here.

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    I have my hopes high on TB CFW w/o Dongle...

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    perhaps the guy with 2 posts can do a bit better.. a more quality post..

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    Okay WWE_12_PS3-RiOT has just been released. We can try using the Eboot.bin file from SvR 2011, but I doubt that will work.

    But lets not forget that we can use the files from this release on SvR 2011 to still obtain all the new wrestlers, the same way wrestlers from previous SvR games can be used on SvR 11. For example, a new wrestles might be in the game, we can replace the "model" file from WWE '12 so it can be used with SvR 11, same thing with the entrances. If anyone wants to help me out with this just let me know here . Also if the files from SvR 11 and WWE '12 are different this won't work, but I doubt they are.

    Download links for WWE '12 EUR:




    Deposit files:


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