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Thread: When the real 3.56 cfw will be released?

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    luham Guest

    Question When the real 3.56 cfw will be released?

    Hi guys,

    When the real 3.56 cfw will be release?

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    NTA Guest
    why did you update to 3.56? is playing online really that much of a necessity? i mean i'm fine with the 3.55 cfw. i go online occasionally and its fun but a little patience wouldnt have been too bad to stay at 3.55

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    khalids19 Guest
    what about me i have bought it with 3.56 in dubai and i live far away from there what can i really do plz we really need 3.56 CFW plz hackers release it!!! and anyone who wants 3.56CFW lets organise ourselves and create a petition that we demand 3.56CFW and we should not be left behind by our community.

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    NCSUfan Guest
    it prob can't be done as it hasnt yet, also theres no reason to really do it with the easy patching from 3.55cfw coupled with 3.6 OFW being live.

    if you knew about the hack beforehand.. then you should've got the right ps3 that didn't come with newest OFW... that mistake is squarely on you buddy, not the devs.

    if you have to buy a used one off ebay.. then so be it. thats the name of the game right now. you must have a ps3 at 3.55 or below, whining and talking of a petition lol is just crazy.

    the tools are already there for public knowledge, code your own cfw3.66 or get a ps3 that can work with the ABUNDANT amount of info provided (i.e. 3.55 fw or below).. the ball is in your court.

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