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    NTA Guest

    Poll What have you done with your PS3 on CFW?

    I've installed emulators, updated to kmeaw, ripped a few games, downloaded a few psn games, installed multiman, burned a few ps3 games, and now nothing because I have no PS3 controllers. Help me out Christmas!

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I moved this here, mainly no PS3 topics should go in the Off Topic chat section since PS3 is on topic for our site.

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    Natepig Guest
    I used to try out everything, but since all the Psn games surfaced, I only play them. Come to think of that, there hasn't been any in awhile

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    1Panic Guest
    I haven't done much. Recently installed a new code for Red Dead Redemption for infinite health, max Deadeye and infinite ammo. And have been playing a lot of Driver on there. Recently transferred the PSP version of Final Fantasy 1. So I started over on that. lol And there is tons of actual ps3 games I got backed up I haven't really touched in months lol..maybe I should. I just haven't had much time. My recent activity on it was installing that code. If I can get more time I'd probably play more.

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    smokyyuwe Guest
    My PS3 came with inFamous + iF2 installed, so I played those. It also came with MGS4. As for what I did was simply this:

    Multiman 2.09.02 + Eml Pack (light retro gaming, mostly snes), newest Showtime
    Installed PSN Games: 3
    Downloaded games: 4
    Ripped games from friends: 5
    Games I bought, ripped, then gave to friends (since they have +3.7): 2 (Demon Souls, Skyrim)
    Total size of movies/shows for Showtime: 353.42 GB

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    moja Guest
    I've installed emulators, backed up games to hard drive (which I upgraded for cfw), played videos with Showtime, ftp'd stuff, and tried my own homebrew packages.

    Showtime and Multiman have been saving graces for staying on cfw.

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    elkay Guest
    I just use my modded one to play Dreamy Theater.

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