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    dexter1973 Guest

    what CFW works Kmeaw or Waninkoko?

    My PS3 is "cechc03" fat and I want to know what would go CFW 3.55...

    He made one update to 3.55 CFW on "cechc03" and it worked well?

    I would not want to "brick" PS3...


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    madmax69 Guest
    I used version 2 waninkoko and haven't had any probs.

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    dave4117 Guest
    your safer to use kmeaw cfw, waninkokos 1st cfw was a disaster with bricks but his second seems to be working ok with no problems. kmeaws cfw had no reports of bricks.

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    al4ex Guest
    Kmeaw it's very good and stable! i don't have prblems with mine and it's fat cechc04!

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