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    Waninkoko PS3 CFW 3.55 V2 Custom Firmware to other CFW

    hey guys i loaded Waninkoko PS3 CFW 3.55 V2 Custom Firmware and i'm having real bother loading apps and games so was going to switch to another. what's the easiest way? downgrade then back up to a new cfw/mfw or can i just install another?

    also what seems to be the most stable, i'm not too fussed about psn access either.


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    just install kmeaw, no need to downgrade and all that rubbish and it has by far the best support.

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    i had already looked at his post, which file to install since i already have a patched 3.55?

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    If it were me, and I did do this, I'd use the xmb to use the OFW 3.55, then use the recovery menu to switch to kmeaw. It's better, IMO, Gran Turismo froze all the time for me, with Waninkoko v2.

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    cheers for that. i've been looking around the help/support and guide section but seening mixed info, you got a link to a thread showing how to?

    cheers again

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    try youtube...

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    got it installed but it hangs when trying to load games etc...

    had enough and switched it off lol

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    waninkoko v2 should be perfect cfw to use, if was having problems installing apps do not choose 3.55 as it could be signed, so use v3.55 unsigned or 3.41 pkg's. Gaia wont load at all but multiman will load games perfectly.

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    i was using kmeaw cfw and multiman but i had problem black screen etc. than i change to waninkoko v2 cfw with multiman now it's work very good.

    Can i load waninkoko to ps3 fat 60gb with card reader (cechc04)?

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    Yes it works well

    Im using it too without any probs ^^

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