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Thread: Waninkoko PS3 CFW 3.55 V2 Custom Firmware to other CFW

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    dexter1973 Guest
    Got a question ... My PS3 is "cechc03" fat and I want to know what would go CFW 3.55...

    He made one update to 3.55 CFW on "cechc03" and it worked well?

    I would not want to "brick " PS3...


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    iloveyou Guest
    I am using Wanin V2 too... no problems, at the beginning i could change all eboots, but that was an hour of work and now all runs perfectly.

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    noizap Guest
    kmeaw cfw is not easy to use, you will patch first the LV2.pkg before choosing multiman or gaia. Not like Waninkokov2 cfw will play directly to mutiman or gaia, no more hustle to click lv2 everytime it turns off.

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    Realee Guest
    Current versions of Gaia automatically patch when running. Multiman also has a once-only pkg install for the lv2 patch.

    Dunno where you've been hiding but it's far further than day one where the lvl2 patch was required every reset.

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