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    MXXI Guest

    Viper Pegasus Development Team PS3 CFW WIP

    Hello I am MXXI, I am a member of the Viper Pegasus Development Team. We are looking for people who have knowledge of CFW / JB / MFW, our goal Create a CFW can install on OFW 4.31 & 4.21, 4.25, 4.30 things that have been successful:

    LV2 kernel patched with the found keys
    Appldr patched with the found keys
    First BETA successfully installed on OFW 4.21

    Progress: 10%

    25% : First Public BETA
    50% : Second Public BETA
    100% : Download

    If you want to help contact me below.

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    gree Guest
    I can help with MFW stuff

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    G Sus Guest
    i'll be the supervisor, i'll just stand by idley and eat lots of junk food, whilst telling you to hurry up and stop slacking. i'll even do it for free.

    now hurry up and stop slacking , people are waiting for cfw , you've got 3 days or your all fired.

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    gree Guest
    That's the way to go lol

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    psx123 Guest
    I can test for you

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    G Sus Guest
    have you got a hardware flasher ?

    testers should really be expected to own a hardware flasher and have ways to recover a bricked ps3. and advisably have a seperate test ps3 from the one they use.

    supervising lol

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    psx123 Guest
    I cant PM you

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Better to use this thread you started as we don't allow PMs to be abused that way anyway... it adds no value to the community here if you just want to recruit members via PMs instead of having an open discussion where everyone can participate who is interested, perhaps even some who weren't interested will end up reading it and deciding they would like to help out also, etc.

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    G Sus Guest
    closed discussions lead to secrecy , secrecy leads to mistrust, and mistrust leads to scene drama.

    ps3 scene has had more than its fair share of that.

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    krzysiekao Guest
    Can I participate as beta tester? I have slim ps3 and e3 flasher

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