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    I can test that. I have ps3 Slim CECH-3004B with OFW 4.31

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    Jun 2007
    CECHH waiting for test. Have flasher. I was going to downgrade it cause it was OFWed. But well will wait beta test fw to test.

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    Oct 2010
    Hate to say this but as most people thought, this looks like to be a hoax. I would love to be proven wrong.

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    progress??? i hate to say this but i call this blufff. its to good to be true. only time will tell

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    Dec 2009
    True, but then again, people called 4.xx cfw a bluff as well. It's alive and kicking though now lol

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    well 4.x.x cfw that only install over 3.55 which is useless for people that have 3.56+

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    I'm beginning to think this crap is fake as hell and just trying to make people's hopes up! come on where are you guys at?!

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    Does anyone know how to load DLC's for a jailbroken PS3 dongle CFW?

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    Jan 2010
    This isn't going to happen overnight or else the other cfw teams would have already done it. some updates would be nice

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    i'm from argentina, i can try test de firm in my ps3 ofw 4.25 if you want.


Closed Thread
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