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  1. #61
    proctologic Guest
    Yes i was at 3.55 Rebug

  2. #62
    maicolzen Guest
    Well it looks like theres only 5% less for releasing the first public beta!

    that looks really cool

  3. #63
    isralox Guest
    hi, i'm israel of bolivia i have 2 playstation a slim and a fat i really wanna help you with you guys please i am your beta tester i will check messages thanks a lot and the fat is in 4.21 ofw and the slim in 3.55 cfw

  4. #64
    jumbo17 Guest
    Why is this taking so long ?

    Anyway, I hope this team is not fake and releases the first beta the sooner possible

  5. #65
    bartek04 Guest
    Can I participate as beta tester?

  6. #66
    jumbo17 Guest
    Hi... I would like to participate as a beta tester also, please

  7. #67
    harryjo20 Guest


    I think it's fake

  8. #68
    afoly Guest
    I can test for you

  9. #69
    gree Guest
    Why is this taking soooo long?

  10. #70
    abeetude Guest
    maybe there should be a poll re this. fake +1

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