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  1. #41
    maicolzen Guest
    hey I could help if you want, I have ps3 in ofw 4.31 with 3.56 of fabric...

  2. #42
    beniceman Guest
    Oh man Sony is screwed for good now looool Bye bye PS3, you've been completely hacked, let the fun begins.

  3. #43
    ellaham Guest
    I have e3 and more ps3 console i want test

  4. #44
    MXXI Guest
    Just for the record: There are others said that I'm fake. Rogero said he already knew of the data but I have not seen anything in the coming weeks or months into his 'own' category. he keep all his data close to everyone.

    I'd do as much as possible to help and I do not want for anything and everything to be determined

    Viper Pegasus Development Team.

  5. #45
    Joonie Guest
    Hi Viper Pegasus Team. I saw your great work today and I really appreciate it. I was wondering if I could be one of your beta testers to test your custom firmware. I have two working consoles which are CECH-2501A(4.30CFW) and CECH-2001A(4.30OFW) as well as the E3 NOR FLASHER.

    Please Let me know how to contact with you!!

  6. #46
    gree Guest
    Sounds like Rogero was tryin to be a smartass lol

  7. #47
    shummyr Guest
    this is great news, I cant wait to see what will come out of this for the scene. Thank you guys/gals for all of your hardwork and dedication

  8. #48
    gree Guest
    Ought dude my bad

  9. #49
    ConsoleDev Guest
    With all due respect, but I can not understand the meaning and usefulness of this release.. At this point, anyone is able to produce a similar "proof", since we have tools and keys available, I mean it's nothing new.

    My post should not be interpreted as offensive, but just my point of view of the actual situation

  10. #50
    Tidusnake666 Guest
    ConsoleDev , I second that. IIRC, multiman can dump your LV1 and LV2 no prob.

    And still, how is this connected to HMAC hashes, needed to enable 3.56+ CFW installation PUPs

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