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Thread: Viper Pegasus Development Team PS3 CFW WIP

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    hilongo Guest
    Is this Team known for any other work? Just curious ...

    And I can be the Comunication Manager ... so I'll be reading this thread and copy/pasting all the progress to other posts/sites .. and redirecting anyone that ask something remotely related to this subject to this thread...

    But I won't do anything until the Supervisor tells me to hurry up and stop slacking

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    DSwizzy145 Guest
    Yeah no slacking off please i or we've had enough people in THIS scene doing that alot but if it's 3.55 firmware relevant the hackers wanna jump on it because it's 3.55 or 3.41! and thanks hopefully it's a success soon once it's done. P.S if you need help or any ideas just hit me up, im open for business

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    G Sus Guest
    sorry to dissapoint you , but there is a very good possibility that this thread was started by a 14 year old whos only knowledge of programming anything was when he got his grandads vcr to do a timed record.

    please be very careful with what files you put anywhere near your ps3 until someone with a hardware flasher has verified them.

    Team Pegasus could well infact be real, and could be serious. just be careful.

    being cautious costs nothing at all, being careless has killed more ps3s than any cfw update ever has

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    moja Guest
    You'll be sorry when Team Viper Pegasus goes out of beta and releases Flaming Honey Badger CFW!

    Lol, good luck guys, have fun! Keep us updated.

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    G Sus Guest
    i won't be sorry if team viper pegasus goes out of beta and releases Flaming Honey Badger CFW. i'll be over the moon that theres more choices, and you got to love the originality of "Flaming Honey Badger" , i'd probably install it just so i could say i was running it lol

    thats a boot sequence ive got the feeling id like lol

    I really hope they are real and serious , i've got a lonely ps3 sat waiting for a new cfw

    oops i forgot to say "hurry up and stop slacking youve only got 2 days left"

    now i'm off back to eating donuts


    i've finished all the donuts, and i'm starting on the curry. are you lot making any progress or do i need to go shopping. i've only got frozen meals and chocolate left.

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    DSwizzy145 Guest
    please don't end up like the other lazy & ungratful fake devs and NOT that 3.55 ofw/cfw only bs! thats for stupid lazy devs only just saying and also please make a proof of concept video don't forget write these notes and save/log them into your thoughts for feature references

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    MXXI Guest

    Post Update #1: New name: Gamesuite CFW

    Our Project Website:

    Name: Gamesuite CFW based on OFW 4.31 and installable on 4.31!

    We are looking for Beta testers and developers!

    Reply on this topic.

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    Nicolas17 Guest
    this means your CFW can install on OFW 4.31 or ? OMG

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    gree Guest
    Just hit me up with that pup that you want me to work on and the keys man or just keys which ever choice you wanna make

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    ConsoleDev Guest
    I'm curious to know how you and your Team intend to achieve this goal.

    Unless you have a working exploit that allow you to bypass the PUP integrity checks (in that case you don't have to know newest HMAC key to validate PUP), the most immediate thing that I can think is that you are working on a Modified Shop/Demo 4.xx FW that have native support for Install Package Files.

    I don't have enough knowledge and time to help in any way but I am grateful and i want to say thanks to anyone who gives its own contribution; however, only time will tell if something real happens

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