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  1. #51
    loveHack Guest
    I would say that this is a copy of the CFW ARCH v1.03 4.40 when you see the XML hereby amended!

  2. #52
    cissou84 Guest

    no venix cfw

    no Built using original firmware through 4:40 MiraLaTijela is my CFW SGK is notified in devflash src="#seg_homebrew_download_SGK_5_0_CEX_DEX_tool"/ Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="homebrew08" src="#seg_homebrew_download_update_sgkfw"/

    4.40.3 changelog:

    1: optimization of loading games
    2: Adding retre lisence pkg psn not need it reactpsn (sertaint ps1 ps2 as pkg psn reactpsn and toujour required) (ps3 pkg saint row the third as an error is 80010009 and reactpsn toujour required) (the advance)

    4.40.2 changelog:

    1: adding patch Cinavia
    2: Adding compatibility reactpsn
    3: Added fix dualshock
    4: BD Emulation compatibile with Multiman (in a game and Multiman celectionn apuy Care The key option games von aparaitre enabled the USB emulation patch BD) good games
    5: audio replacement coldboot

    4.40.1 changelog:

    1: Adding Core OS compler 4.40
    2: Adding and all self SPRX 4.40
    3: QA flag enabled

  3. #53
    loveHack Guest
    cissou84 it is not that SGK firmware but a mixture with that of ARCH as rco are identical for app_home_ps3_game renamed BD-Emulator and even in the XML, there is also a copy of the CFW ARCH.

  4. #54
    ercan usta Guest
    Very cool news!

  5. #55
    NN33NN Guest
    Does this firmware run Emulators for retro gaming?

    Also does the Ps2 Emulation/iso work?

  6. #56
    cissou84 Guest
    in xml updatsgkfw is ARCH ??

    ARCH copy my CFW

    [Register or Login to view code]

    in XML venix ?? SGK_5_0_CEX_DEX_tool ?? update_sgkfw ??

    add title in user cat is my xml, all xml is my have modified all in my 4.40.4 for copy is grilled.

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