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Thread: Video: Venix Center PS3 Manager v3.0 is Released

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    elser1 Guest
    sounds dodgy if the man says he didn't do it.. beware i guess!

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    condorstrike Guest
    I remember that name, venix... hmmm, pass.

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    OverX Guest
    I bet you remember a announcement fake, that never existed on my site!

    An unfunny joke of someone using the name of my team!

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    cfwprophet Guest
    One interest question for me to you OverX: Do we need 4.11 or do it also work on any other dump ? Im guess it will but i think this is also a nice information and one suggestion if you hardcode the offset and size off files you can easily embend a verification without a second dump telling the user if his dump is valid without the need to exermine the dump in hex or extract and see if everything is ok.

    regards and thx for the app

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    OverX Guest
    Thanks for the suggestion, I'll work on it for next version.

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    maaz1 Guest
    how to guide with e3 flasher?

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    OverX Guest
    Simple friend, you only need to patch in your backup and write

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    djluiluv Guest
    Can someone please be so kind enough to up a step-by-step tut for this using E3, Progskeet, Teensy2.0++,etc please?

    Not eveyone "just gets it" like most you...

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    funfink Guest

    Question i need info

    any one got a link for how to set up a teensy2.0++ to the ps3 and instructions to flash?

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Found something. The app tells me that the header is invalid but thats not true. Header of my NOR dump is OK. Pics are attached.


    1. Start app and click on "search"
    2. Select your NAND/NOR Dump
    3. Click on "Apply"
    4. Choose where to save the output and give it a name like "My_2004B_downgrade.bin"

    Thats it.

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