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    aideng2011 Guest
    Deank I was thinking the exact same thing being a MM addict.

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    doesn't really look anything like multiman, looks more like a theme on freestyle dash, i love multiman the difference in this looks as though whoever categorized emulators, games, etc

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005

    Arrow PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

    Following up on the previous release, Victor (The Specialist) from Brazilian Team VeniX has announced news today of another PlayStation 3 Custom Firmware update to PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4 with changes detailed below alongside a demo video of it in action.

    Download: PS3 CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

    Below is a rough translation: New CFW Venix Plus 3.55.4

    Today I bring you the CFW (Custom Firmware) more complete now, for the most complete? we have implemented a system & Poke peek at lv1 and lv2 your files to increase compatibility with homebrew and games.

    Interactive menu entirely in Portuguese. and also bring you a category of "TV" and Media Center-compatible movies in all formats up to 1080p mkv, also supports subtitles in .srt.

    Features of CFW Venix Plus:
    • Added Peek & Poke at lv1 and lv2.
    • New profile icon.
    • New option quick registration.
    • Options QA in Portuguese.
    • Application Manager (where you install your applications and delete).
    • Added Multimedia Center.
    • Nice theme with new icons
    • You can lock and unlock trophies.
    • Option to clone your hard drive.
    • Category "TV" system with Showtime.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

  4. #14
    iskj3098ias Guest
    Going by the red PSN icon, this is just a modded Rebug with a modded (stolen really) MM.

  5. #15
    TheShroomster Guest
    Does this install in English, or Portuguese only? If i can read it i may install it and see how it works. and with the spoof will that prohibit me from going back to Kmeaw 3.55?

    Nevermind I must have missed that sentence.

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    Windstyle Guest


    Sorry for the dumbest question , but what exactly does this mean "You can lock and unlock trophies"

  7. #17
    pontogames Guest
    that looks ugly..

  8. #18
    Baller786 Guest
    stupid question but does this let us play 3.60 games with the spoofer? coz I really really wanna play captain america

  9. #19
    kevinmp33 Guest
    Looks nice, but seems to be the same as other CFW.

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    Windstyle Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Baller786 View Post
    stupid question but does this let us play 3.60 games with the spoofer? coz I really really wanna play captain america
    Nope this is just a copy from the rebug cfw it doesn't add much of a features.

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