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Thread: Video: PS3 Slim Retail Console Running 3.66 Custom Firmware

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    Thursday Guest
    I have a few questions:

    First, wouldn't this dev need access to the 3.66 keys? An aren't they randomly generated?

    And in "theory," as the keys are stores on the console, could a dev Keep the console from changing the keys (via cfw) during an update? (there are apps that block the console from keeping history of what apps are ran, which sounds like a very basic version of previous idea)

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    daveshooter Guest
    Yes the dev would need access to the Keys to effectively open the update pup edit it, the resign it again, keeping the update method the same as Sony are now using.

    I also believe sony would of implemented a hash key to test the integrity of is new firmware before it updates, making it almost imposable to know this key or create it with a firmware modifier regardless of having the 3.66 keys or not.

    But no this dev does not have the 3.66 keys needed to fully exploit the ps3 with firmware above 3.56.

    Some thing I forgot to add was remember to remove the wan access from the ps3 your flashing, your lans ok but not your wan.

    This will almost certainly stop you installing cfw on a ps3 9 times out of 10 because it still checks the net 1st, just before it starts flashing the firmware.

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    Bamber Guest
    I'd guess the reason that it only installs on 3.55 (or earlier?) is down to the fact that it's been rebuilt and re-packed with known 3.55 keys. So no 3.56 or above keys are needed (and probably not known at the moment anyway).

    Is it therefore already possible to unpack ANY pup using the 3.55 keys at the moment? In case an OFW user is still on that firmware before updating to any future version?

    If so, it should be possible to alter all future firmware in this way and even remove/alter the parts of it that stop the 3.55 keys from being usable? Or am I missing something?

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    dayv Guest
    I feel its only a matter of time before a genious comes up with, cfw 3.60+. fingers crossed.

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    Apr 2005

    Roll Eyes

    I'm not going to start another thread, but it appears this is being recycled today on several sites ( as a 3.66 JailBreak via NUIKERD:

    Below is a video and the details if anyone wants them: Download: PS3UPDAT.PUP

    ok guys, the person who originally got it working, even when he puts the coding for install package files and what not he gets data corrupted, thats because they patched that in 3.56+ so, he will release the one with install package files im sure, but the thing is, it wont work unless your on 3.55 or below. so even when he does release it, ill release it here, but dont try it until its verified working by multiple people and theres a video showing proof, but that doesnt mean that 3.66 jailbreaks cant be done, we already changed the pup build, so now we just need someone smart enough to be able to add install package files without getting data corrupted, and im sure someone will do it

    The one with install package files should be released between today and thursday (probebly tommorow though)

    ok, the guy/people/girl is working on putting the coding for install package files, and no file manager from the pervious jb will not work, cause if it does not have the coding for install package files, then it can cleary not be able to run homebew yet ... i will post the new link once the guy is done it might be today, it might not and for thos of you who arent being and actually trying it before saying its fake, thanks you guys will deffinatly be getting the new one later, and as for the rest of you.... off

    i dont take credit for the release, this is a modified CFW 3.66 firmware, although it does not include install package files Sad so in other words, its useless lol, but the guy/team/girl will be releasing the JB with install package files soon, so i hope.

    guys ill keep you updated

    once again, i do not take credit for this, i will post a link to the persons youtube channel tommorow when the jailbreak that has install package files is released

    In the proof i shut down the video at 8% of installing cause i dont want to stand there holding the camera, if u think its fake just cause i stopped at 8%.. well then thats to bad for u i guess

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Seems kinda sketchy TBH. But for those willing to give it a shot here are the new updated links (I'm quoting directly from

    I have edited the JB file, and succesfully added install package files, although you need to be on 3.55 or below to download this one, and i can not test it as i do not have a firmware 3.55 or lower, so please guy's try this

    Download Link:

    This is the JB for users on 3.56+ This JB does not have "Install package files" or "apphome" Expect to see a release including that stuff for 3.56+ in the near future

    Download Link:

    By downloading these files you agree to the following:

    1. I am in no way held responsilbe for your PS3 bricking, or being disabled in anyway
    2. I am in no way responsible for you getting banned or in trouble with the law (lol won't happen)

    I will keep you guys updated on the fully functioning JailBreaks, and remember +REP
    P.S. I'm not responsible for anything you do, neither is NUIKERD (the maker of this CFW) as mentioned. Install at your own risk!

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    Geiz Guest
    of all the things, i just want to play ps2 games on the ps3.

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