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    Quote Originally Posted by daveshooter View Post
    There is no way you can go on any network without it showing up, regardless how you mod the thing, once a unit is modded, it will show up, if you reset it back to stock it will still show up as modded.
    This, Hacked PS3s and PSN don't go together. You want to play online use Xlink Kai, XBSlink or update to OFW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barrybarryk View Post
    It doesn't enable cheaters, that's nothing to do with homebrew or CFW on the PS3. Hence why there are still cheaters on PSN and they have been on there from long before the jailbreak.

    If a CFW that allows retail PSN access was released Sony would be very quick to patch it, since there is absolutely no way a modified PS3 can get on PSN and be undetectable. All the security is server side and can be updated independent of firmware updates.
    i disagree with that as there are these no skill player cheat devices that enable you to mod the eboot for invincible etc or however it works..my limited understanding of them is they thankfully don't work on retail ps3 consoles but work on cfw..no skill players could go on line with this stuff and it would destroy my online experience and i purchased the game.. GRRR

    i agree about the security and detection and hopefully sony will swing the ban hammer and/or take legal action against pirates if this cfw ever works to play pirate games on psn!! that's how i feel as a consumer.. but i do agree there are cheating fools there already,but imagine if cfw enables psn access there will be a lot more..
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    can i play homebrew games with this retail fw?

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    To answer from the first post, not at the moment: "those without an Infectus Mod who do not wish to risk their JailBroken PS3 console and lose the ability to run PlayStation 3 back-ups and homebrew should avoid this PS3 CFW at the present time."

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    Confused How does this help

    This is helpful how?

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    Real Debug unit can run UNSIGNED code and this ripoff can't (That means real debug 3.66 unit can play homebrews and emulators, just don't sign it with geohot keys). This "Custom Firmware" the same as 3.66 OFW, but with non-working debug menus. Nothing to be excited about.

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    so a real debug 3.66 can utilize multiman and play backups? KOOL if so i guess.. didn't know that.

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    No, multiman and other backup managers requires custom syscalls. But it's possible to launch backups on debug by editing decrypted eboot's.

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    As it stands at the moment then, the only chance of playing backups on a stock ps3 3.66 is to find a way of turning your backups into DLC pkg's and then some how creating your own spoofed dlc server, and we know thats not really that hard.

    Sign the home made pkg's with 3.55 keys, we already know, if you have a dlc game on from 3.55 or below it will run on a stock ps3 on 3.66 after upgrading the pkg that is.

    If you had a true debug/test unit then you would be able to run an unsigned ftp server making backing up no problem, but I was on the understanding the new 3.66 debug units can not play backups that are dumped on the drive, only unsigned pkgs from the PSN or unsigned pkg's you create yourself ?

    I also don't think dean's mm will run on a 3.66 debug unit as it will not have the access to the system like it dose on 3.55 and below, but I hope I'm wrong on that one.

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    Correctly signed NPDRM homebrews will work just fine on 3.66 OFW, just like unsigned on debug. Geohot's signing tool use one STATIC npdrm key for all programs, and sony blacklisted that specific key in 3.56+ firmwares.

    We need normal npdrm signing tool. And if you can launch your own apps in 3.66 OFW, I'm pretty sure you can write homebrew for installing PKG's or homebrew for decrypting 3.60+ non-npdrm SELFs (hello, psp prxdecrypter!), both doesn't requare low level access or custom syscalls.


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