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  1. #11
    elser1 Guest
    well a lot of people don't want cfw on psn as its piracy and enables cheating losers on there.. pay your way or it will be like xbox.. there's always a few idiots who ruin a good thing!!

  2. #12
    Windstyle Guest
    ohh now i get it thx for the explain.

  3. #13
    barrybarryk Guest
    It doesn't enable cheaters, that's nothing to do with homebrew or CFW on the PS3. Hence why there are still cheaters on PSN and they have been on there from long before the jailbreak.

    If a CFW that allows retail PSN access was released Sony would be very quick to patch it, since there is absolutely no way a modified PS3 can get on PSN and be undetectable. All the security is server side and can be updated independent of firmware updates.

  4. #14
    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    I would know if the same error appears, if he updated his Dead Nation, or something changed.

  5. #15
    young blade Guest
    I don't reallly see the bennefit.. its more of a loss to me.. I'm on CFW 3.55 got all my backups on my 1TB drive.. There is no win in it for me..

  6. #16
    Windstyle Guest
    I really doubt they will detect a modified ps3 if they make a homebrew that hides your ip or your mac adress of your console or even changing it will work i think.

  7. #17
    PiLLeMaNN Guest
    I really do hope something good comes out of this.

  8. #18
    MopinGamer Guest
    Great news knowing that the guys are working on custom firmware, just that this will be of no benefit, but still good news.

  9. #19
    daveshooter Guest
    Windstyle you need to read Barry's post above. It says it all really.

    There is no way you can go on any network without it showing up, regardless how you mod the thing, once a unit is modded, it will show up, if you reset it back to stock it will still show up as modded. If I have time later I will do a video of the scans and tests I do on my modded and stock ps3's , and show the changes and differences there are.

    Unless some bright spark, can find a way to turn the modded flag off, then regardless of firmware it will always stand out as non standard, then reject the unit from PSN.

  10. #20
    madmax69 Guest
    Benefit of 3.66 CFW is that we can get portal 2 and games signed 3.6 + working , good start keep it coming devs.

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