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    Cool Video: PS3 Firmware 3.61 PSN Spoof on Custom Firmware

    Good news for owners of PlayStation 3, for regular users, the return of the PSN is finally valid. For CFW users too, since the spoof 3.61 is also available, allowing them to enjoy the game online via PlayStation Network.

    Download: PS3 Firmware 3.61 Spoof

    So blackshadow, member who is stuck there. The second flight is simple, here's how:
    • Install the patch Dev_BLind.pkg.
    • Exit and return to XMB.
    • Start an FTP program or type Multiman Blackbox FTP, folder "Dev_Blind" is created.
    • Locate the folder "dev_flash" and replace its contents with that of ZIP.
    • Reboot. If a trouble occurs, turn off your PS3 and turn it back on, everything will work.
    • There you are spoofed!

    We could not test this currently spoof, but apparently it seems to work! Apparently, the spoof works, but PSN is not accessible!

    From Logic Sunrise:

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    Untested, therefore it might be a load of BS.

    Do not download/install this, it could end up stealing your password on your PSN account and sending it to them.

    Wait until there is a confirmed release

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    Yea someone posted this earlier and it was nuked... I suppose I'll leave this thread for now so people have somewhere to discuss it.

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    always fun when they say we couldn't test it but it does work.

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    LOL "works but psn isn't accessible"

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    I know, it's been said many times, but now I'm pretty sure the ban hammer is imminent.

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    not working..

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    tried it on kmeaw cfw 3.55 and the spoof seems to be working, it shows in the settings>system menu that you are on fw 3.61 but that's about it. psn is not accessible and portal 2 for instance, which needs at least fw 3.60 to be played, is also not working...

    i'd say completely useless..

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    Thanks for clearing this one, +Rep for you. I just have the same opinion !

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    not completely useless, it does stop people from accidently updating your system and does also enable debug options for those who would like them.

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