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Thread: Video: PS3 Firmware 3.61 PSN Spoof on Custom Firmware

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    candan Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by MUGSY View Post
    Can I play L A Noire USA JB PS3-APATHY if I install this fw?
    I can confirm 100% that L.A Noire will NOT work until the 3.60/3.61 CFW becomes available. I tried it myself

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    MystikalDesigns Guest
    Could this be related to this:

    Anyway, point of the story is: "Without giving too many details away, a modified version of 3.55 was released that made a retail PS3 act like a "test" PS3, or a debug PS3. Normally, this wouldn't allow you to get onto the real PSN, the console would attempt to access one of the developer networks that Sony uses instead. Still, where there is a will there is a way and some clever users found a way to trick their retail-cum-developer consoles to play games on the actual servers that regular PS3 people use, effectively letting them back on PSN.

    Everyone was forced to update their console to 3.61 before getting online, however just a few short days after the network came back, people claim to have already found a way to "spoof" their consoles without updating."

    Has anyone heard of this? I haven't seen it on here which is where I usually check for updates on the PS3 Hacking scene.

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    That is just the Rebug Firmware... which posted on here but downloadable via the Rebug site only as they don't allow mirrors of it.

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    MystikalDesigns Guest
    It allows you to get on PSN? Why isn't there some huge announcement? Maybe I'm confused and not understanding something properly..

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    Not sure, it's the same as always apparently... people have reported PSN is working via the DNS bypass methods for a little while until Sony closes it again, the catch this time being you need to setup an account via SP-INT to get on with CFW such as Rebug.

    I don't use my PS3 online at all, so sadly I can't be of more help than that... if someone has done it by all means feel free to jump in.

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    ricdee Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    Yep the above works 100 percent!

    1) you MUST have Rebugs CFW installed and change NP Environment from NP to SP-INT in debug settings then restart ps3
    2) go to network settings and keep everything the same except dns, change primary and secondary as detailed here.
    3) Make a new user on your ps3 and then do a quick signup to PSN (no your normal PS ID wont work here)
    4) sign in! (note i only play blackops online and the method differs slightly from the above! you need a program called - Call of duty server mapper beta 1.11, then use your pc as a host while running that program and change your primary dns to the ip of the pc that's running server mapper!)


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    zhaoyun123 Guest
    i have read many of this about you can bypass... still i don't know if true or not... but i want to confirm that... can this method can enter psn store or psn "just in case" (lols ), the PSN came back on?? OR is it ONLY for games with Online play??

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