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  1. #81
    zideeq Guest
    I have re-upped the alleged 4.21 CFW/MFW

    Need a tester/ pro who knows what the hell he is doing!

    192mb compressed in RAR file


  2. #82
    Sonkilary Guest
    Thanks a Lot for The Direct Much Better than DepositFiles.

  3. #83
    garine Guest
    Its the same MD5HASH! OFW v4.21 = 31f890bd9e75deed773c29e51e56a4b9

    AND this http://depositfiles.com/files/7fil53eje = 31f890bd9e75deed773c29e51e56a4b9

  4. #84
    elser1 Guest
    i'll download it and try putting it over my psn console. though i think it may have been upgraded to 4.25 recently?? i'll check anyways.

    yeah i'm on 4.25 so outta luck. i'm not willing to try on my 3.55 yet. i have no flasher

  5. #85
    Blade86 Guest
    Hope you got a hardware flasher! If so downgrade to 4.21 OFW & see if this CFW is installable...

    ohhh nvm

  6. #86
    Hernaner28 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by garine View Post
    Its the same MD5HASH!

  7. #87
    zideeq Guest
    *smashes ps3 into the wall!*

  8. #88
    JOshISPoser Guest
    well, that guy was duped or he was looking for attention apparently.

    so, i guess we're still waiting

  9. #89
    zideeq Guest
    *goes off to learn Cantonese*

    It's 2:00AM and I made no progress

  10. #90
    Foo Guest
    I have faith in the Chinese. They've had a good last with the PS3.

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