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  1. #71
    Hernaner28 Guest
    It's the standard size of a .PUP file 196.795 KB = 192 MB approximately

    Yeah plz! Tell us more! It's very strong to come and post a link for a CFW 4.21 don't you think?

  2. #72
    zideeq Guest
    Sorry thanks I read it wrong Also, can you state source?

  3. #73
    Blade86 Guest
    WTF? Could someone with proper backup dumps (i got) & a hardware flasher (i dont have got) PLZ test this?

    1 question: is this a 3.55 singed PUP or is this installable on OFW 4.21?


  4. #74
    zideeq Guest
    Apparently a CFW 4.21 BUT I can't see that as true, the main thing we need to know is, does this allow 3.60+ games to work. Most likely a fake but we need a pro to test.

  5. #75
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i think he's stating it wrong cause isn't 192 KB or Kb, or any variation of it less than a megabyte? maybe mistranslation or i could be totally wrong.

    anyways, someone with a flasher should test it within an hour or so i would think simply out of curiosity.

  6. #76
    Sonkilary Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zideeq View Post
    Sorry I read it wrong lol 196mb. OK can somone re-up to a different host, Deposit requires PREMIUM.
    it doesn't require Premium it can be download and i download the File when it will finish i'll upload it or MultiUpload.

  7. #77
    zideeq Guest
    Yeah sorry that was my mistake of reading it wrong. he wrote it in full KBs lol so it is right 192,000kb (192mb)

    Anyway, yeah I hope someone tries it out. This could be HUGEEEEEE or most likely a uber fail!!

  8. #78
    JOshISPoser Guest
    i thought most updates were like 256 mb? i just deleted the update folder from fifa 13 and that was the size of the file... not calling shenanigans cause i know when edited, the file size changes, just pointing that out.

  9. #79
    zideeq Guest
    Do you know of any PUP file viewer? surely someone has made one right?

  10. #80
    zoonin Guest
    another translation:

    I've just driven to team RED POWER's city to meet then with ADA. Then we brought back a PS3 console witch was told having been flashed with 4.21CFW. Still not tested yet.We are preparing to test it, please wait...

    update: The HDMI port was broken and we have no either TV BOX, YCBCR line or other display device that support AV in. We are looking for the way to use it.

    more update: It's downpour when I go to buy the YCbCr line. I'm all wet. I'm back now, but we found that the display could not work properly with the damn line. Finally I find the projector in meeting room support AV in. mf Then I tested DOA5. The result is that the RED POWER 4.21CFW is true.oh yeah....

    I'll try more games later. Please looking forward for other report with video and pictures guys. It's so cold. Because I have not left any other clothes for change. I'll report it later tonight.

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