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  1. #51
    JOshISPoser Guest
    it does make me think that keys higher than 3.6 are out cause some of these things are happening fast! i just wish i could get the keys privately or something so i can fix the ONE game i've been craving and wanting.

  2. #52
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    just Don't get too hasty. Every game will get fixed after some time. Scene is Again Alive

  3. #53
    fantopoulos Guest
    what am i hearing this correct, wow wow wow amazing, i got the pup update 196.795 kb this is the size i will upload it but i do not want to be the one upload a crappy version, and i am fine with my system how it is, a reply for a moderator would be great or i will just upload it and use with caution, as i have not tested it personally , from here say it is good, but if i do not see it myself it could be a dud and not that skilled to find out , so i will upload it and admins/mods can check into it cheers

  4. #54
    Mesutg Guest
    upload it to turbobit.net i can TEST it, and i wont blame you for nothing

  5. #55
    Sonkilary Guest
    Do it upload it on MultiUpload.NL. Please its the best for Everyone.

  6. #56
    elser1 Guest
    so has anyone actually gotten hold of this fw and tried it yet?

  7. #57
    Lando43 Guest
    the Chinese guy is asking for which game to test now today on their forums.

  8. #58
    NbAlIvEr100 Guest
    Why not try Resident Evil:ORC, its never been touched by anyone... although I suggest this group do a little better job in selling the whole CFW thing... cuz this video was absolute garbage!

  9. #59
    NTA Guest
    how do you use multiupload.nl? all i ever see is the hollywood fight thingie


  10. #60
    JOshISPoser Guest
    use mediafire. that seems like one of the better file sharing sites and a lot of people seem to like it. i also like sendspace (which doesn't require you to sign up but there might be a file limit). also rghost is pretty good.

    anyways, they want a game, why not sorcery? i'm sure some people knew i was gonna say that. i think it's a 4.11 game and it hasn't been looked at with no fix. it could be believable cause they could have someone standing there with the move in their hands so if they have another cut in the video, it'd be pretty obvious.

    i mean, they seem to have talent cause they have doa 5 fixed without any being released.

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