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  1. #481
    G Sus Guest
    i reckon they have sold everyones email adresses all over the internet and made a fortune lol.

  2. #482
    G Sus Guest
    i wouldnt try it, waiting a day or two could save you 160 on a new ps3

  3. #483
    gellzak Guest
    hello everyone. I'm new here on the forum and I have a question. does this 4.25 cfw works on ps3 cech 3xxx? sorry for the noob question

  4. #484
    Sonkilary Guest
    From IRC:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    So the Answer NOW is NO they can't for the moment.

  5. #485
    G Sus Guest
    Thank-you for trying bluedisk cfw. your test period has expired, further use of bludisk cfw 4.25 suspended.. please use paypal to top up your account.

    hehehe lmao

  6. #486
    imranulferdoues Guest
    luci, hahaha.. thats funny...

  7. #487
    G Sus Guest
    won't be funny if it happens lol

  8. #488
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Nuked a bunch of offtopic posts, guys please use your heads when posting on our forums.. this topic is ONLY for the Red Power / BlueDisk CFW discussion nothing else. We have other threads for PS3 keys and other CFW topics, so use them or you will receive an infraction. Thanks.

  9. #489
    Foo Guest
    Well I bring information containing to this!

    I know said update from 3.55 only but I tried anyways LD It actually works... until you get to 75-78% (somewhere round there ) I did this with the 4.25 to 3.55 file and the 3.55 checkoff (which is Rogero v2 I think).

  10. #490
    mandroni Guest
    i got it to work nicely, did a little tweaking, if anyone wants let me know i can give info on how i did it

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