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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    firplay Guest
    they are the same group anyway

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    fantopoulos Guest
    i was just enjoying a chat about red power, a lot of back and forth going on fake not fake, 300 dollars impossible it will be around 100 dollars one of the admins mentioned.

    Not sur eif he is in on the scam cause that is what it is, so do not expect anything new fixes or dongle anytime before xmas we are in standby mode folks, there is several teams that are trying to become a whole new team together so they can be on same wavelength but some stay true to their original ps3 scene no scamming.

    So wait it out gents it will be worth it, there is gonna be a big blowout next month just remember this cheers.

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    bernywtf Guest
    if it effectively is a dongle, and it is more than a symbolic price, then by any ways, do not feed it, but it's useless to say they suck if you aren't even sure what it is

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    all dongles are nigh useless, if not completely useless.

    it's pretty much been proven that the dongle is just for money. flashers are pretty much the only mandatory hardware that an be used on a ps3

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    DSwizzy145 Guest
    I agree!

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    G Sus Guest
    Great respect to all developers, paid and unpaid. But the greatest respect of all has to be to those who share and give freely.

    its their choice and whatever they decide is fine by me, as long as they keep giving me the latest tech and the scene dosen't come to a complete halt.

    as an afterthought i have nothing against dongles, but i'm also unlikely to ever get one (unless its amazing lol)

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    money is the root of evil in this. devs will likely succumb to them just to get some money rather than keep information like this free and open source. i mean, charging for piracy is the most ironic and stupid thing, yet people allowed it to happen. if you're gonna get something, buy the game and support developers, not people just looking for a buck.

    this is not their job, but their hobby. yes, devs like deank and the sorts should but that's why they do this in their spare time and have real jobs. if they're respectable, they get noticed.

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    JOshISPoser Guest
    you can change it. convince people to not get the dongle or any dongle.

    Dongles really hold back the scene and had us all throttled. If we didn't get their product, we were left in the dust. When their product had no use, they completely disbanded their product cause they didn't care about their customers, only profits and stopped supporting it outright. Hacking shouldn't ever look like there's a monopoly. It should be about sharing info or competing to make the most out of a product. It just was about piracy and profits, along with this product.

    Multiman is at least way more than that. It can back up games, it can play them, it has a beautiful interface, it has a browser, etc. These teams don't really make much and just rely on other people's work without giving credit.

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    G Sus Guest
    the closest thing i have to a dongle is an e3 reader, and that was only to save me from a semi brick. when humans try to hold information for the purpose of power it will always cause development to slow or even stop. but as the creator of whatever, it is and should be their decision what to do with it. its the outcome of their decision that they have to learn to live with.

    Multiman is probably the best homebrew i have ever scene on any platform. but in order for Deank to keep it so up to date and current he has to make decisions all the time. hes already updated it to work with 4.25 so hes obviously had access to a cfw or a dongle in order to prepare multiman to be ready to work upon its release.

    if he did release anything then the other developers would lose trust in him and then he wouldn't be able to keep his project (multiman) so great and current

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    Yourname Guest

    Video: BlueDisk CFW v4.25 is Released, PS3 CFW 4.25 PSN Demo

    Following up on the previous update, today the BlueDisk CFW Team (aka E3 Team) have announced that users will need to dump and expose your PS3 EEID (using the EID0.bin generated by their dumper below which requires using their DRM-infected CD Key scheme) and send it to them, and they will send back a 4.25 PUP CFW with strings (yet to be specified) attached so be cautious!

    Download: BlueDisk CFW Upgrader v1.01 and Manual (10.84 MB) / BlueDisk CFW Upgrader v1.01 and Manual (Mirror) / BlueDisk CFW Upgrader v1.01 and Manual (Mirror #2) / XMB eEID Dumper and MM v4.25 (12.11 MB) / XMB eEID Dumper and MM v4.25 (Mirror) / XMB eEID Dumper and MM v4.25 (Mirror #2) / 4.25to3.55.rar /

    From GraVoX959:
    • 8BCF7AB97EE4B9D9F74ECDF9FA9E59A8 = cfw3.55checkoff
    • 8BCF7AB97EE4B9D9F74ECDF9FA9E59A8 = 3.55 Rogero v2 CEX

    So no need to re-download cfw3.55 checkoff if you have CEX Rogero v2 3.55

    From naehrwert:

    reDRM mechanism / eid0 binding
    • aim_spu_module.self

    the check is basically a
    if (memcmp (eid0_section0, first_encrypt_0x10_bytes, 0x10)! = 0) fail ();
    nonbound eid0 firmware

    To remove eid0 binding, replace the aim_spu_module.self Iso module from one unpatched OFW 4.25 (tested, it works).

    From Dutch user Senaxx comes some additional download links, related info and a PS3 CFW 4.25 PSN demo video below:

    When you enter your credentials and press "Check CDKey" it Generates a file called CFWUpgrader.exe.txt. I used Senaxx's info and it was probably wrong but it generated this log:
       ERROR: PatchClient: Could not open I / O for
       Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "PatchClient.pyo", line 29, in verifykey
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ service.pyo", line 114, in <lambda>
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ service.pyo", line 157, in call
       File "google \ protobuf \ service_reflection.pyo", line 267, in <lambda>
       File "google \ protobuf \ service_reflection.pyo", line 284, in _StubMethod
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ channel.pyo", line 192, in CallMethod
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ channel.pyo", line 292, in tryToRunCallback
       RpcError: Could not open I / O for
       Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "", line 104, in doverifykey
       AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ret'
    When I clicked download it added this to the file:
      AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ret'
      ERROR: PatchClient: Could not open I / O for
      Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "PatchClient.pyo", line 43, in login
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ service.pyo", line 114, in <lambda>
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ service.pyo", line 157, in call
       File "google \ protobuf \ service_reflection.pyo", line 267, in <lambda>
       File "google \ protobuf \ service_reflection.pyo", line 284, in _StubMethod
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ channel.pyo", line 192, in CallMethod
       File "protobuf \ socketrpc \ channel.pyo", line 292, in tryToRunCallback
       RpcError: Could not open I / O for
       Traceback (most recent call last):
       File "", line 123, in dologin
       AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'desc'
    CD Key
    From cfwprpht: Lv0 is resigned and the most of you know what that means. But anyway something good, they don't have 4.00-4.11 priv key. They still use 3.55 but first we need lv0 static key or we find a other way.

    From keytor69: CDKey app does perform a check online at port 8090, notice the word CUSTOMER and not USER.. won't be long before everybody needs 4.30 CD Keys and then get to see the real cost of things.

    From PS3Nor on this 'bad joke' dubbed BlueDisk: please send me your Eid0 key.. LOL: we will drm your console and then charge you mega bucks. ok sounds great LOL #nochance

    From Flat_z: guys, stop buying a stupid key you don't need it really

    From deank: I'm not touching this firmware even remotely.

    From their e-mail (via China, Guangdong, Guangzhou): Dear friend, last month we send CFW4.21 to a China forum to test and works well. Now we release our latest BlueDisk CFW upgrader to download CFW 4.25.

    With CFW 4.25, you can play all PS3 games and PSN well. You can go our official Web (linked above) to know details.

    Here we send you 3 free CD Key to download the CFW 4.25 and also user can email us to get free CD Key.

    From BlueDiskTeam (via, roughly translated: The Bluedisk team CFW4.25 has tested in the world's major forum for public and widely praised. In order to return to play more concern and love of the players in this specially send free CDKey (worldwide exclusive).

    Special Note: CDKey can only be used once, use 2 displays invalid (invalid), players do not use invalid CDKey or peril.

    BlueDisk CFW4.25 not exist any case bound players host the players installed CFW 4.25 can free again install any CFW 3.55 of, and official firmware. While not exist the CDKey there statute of limitations the CDKey, BlueDisk provide the same host upgrade the number of restrictions and the use of time limits.


    The evening will be sent free of charge CDKey.

    Again: there are malicious side players sent using CDKey to the players, leading to a host of bricking. (You can use the hardware downgrade solution brick) Players before use CDKey is valid or invalid, must not use invalid (invalid) CDKey. In order to protect your safety, please use the official software download CFW, do not use third-party download software such as Thunder.

    Update: From their site: Free CDKey paused, we will update our server and provide more free CDKey later.


    BlueDisk CFW is the latest CFW for PS3, it allow user enjoy all PS3 game and PSN freely. With the BlueDisk CFW, user can download and play original game directly, no need any modify. BlueDisk CFW allow you play all games from inside HDD and external USB Disc.

    With BlueDisk CFW, You can update to new OFW or CFW from USB Disc, and also can downgrade to CFW3.55 from USB Disc freely. BlueDisk Team will add extra function on CFW like PS2/PSX games, cheating system supported etc.

    BlueDisk Team will update CFW quickly if new OFW updated, it is free download for Bluedisk CFW user. All software is free downloaded, user only need the software CDKey to run it.

    The BlueDisk CFW Upgrader require console based on FW3.55, any higher FW need downgraded to 3.55 first.

    PS: If you install wrong CFW4.25 and console bricked, you can downgrade to CFW3.55checkoff directly with hardware tool.


    1: Play All PS3 games from any USB media, download and play directly
    2: Play PSN with latest CFW
    3: Download and upgrade CFW from USB disk, easily and quickly
    4: Downgrade to CFW3.55 from CFW4.25 by USB disk , easily and quickly
    5: Update to latest CFW in a short time when new OFW released
    6: All update is free include future new function like PS2/PSX game supported

    • Works on 3.55FW console, any higher FW need downgrade to 3.55FW first
    • CDKey is needed to run BlueDisk CFW Upgrader
    • One CDKey for one console only
    • The customized CFW can't used on other console

    How to downgrade from CFW 4.25 to CFW 3.55:

    1: Download 4.25 to 3.55 CFW to USB disk, Change the PUP file into correct name and document like PS3/UPDATE/PS3UPDAT.PUP
    2: Insert the USB disk into PS3 and upgrade directly.
    3: After upgrade successfully, please enter the recovery mode.
    4: Install the CFW3.55CHECKOFF at the recovery mode.
    5: Install the CFW3.55CHECKOFF at the recovery mode again.
    6: After install successfully, your system is 3.55checkoff.
    7: If you want install other cfw 3.55 like KW 3.55 etc, please downgrade to 3.41 and then upgrade with correct cfw 3.55. You canít upgrade other CFW 3.55 directly
    8: You can upgrade to cfw4.25 or ofw 4.25 directly from this CFW3.55checkoff links for the CFW is in their guide.

    As stated above do NOT expose your unique identifiable PS3 EEID (contained in EID0.bin) key information (such as your PSN details) or fall for this CDKey scam! You have been warned folks, if they ask for money in order to downgrade, fix, unlock or update / upgrade your PlayStation 3 console down the road you may end up SOL so NOT worth the risk!

    We advise everyone to continue using the free CEX EBOOT patch fixes, free DEX updates or simply be patient until a true PS3 scene group or user cracks their useless CDKey protection scheme or leaks the 4.00-4.11 keys.

    Finally, rumor also has it a free PS3 CEX / DEX CFW 4.21 will be arriving soon based on deank's recent multiMAN v04.07.01 Full (20121021) update so have faith in the PlayStation 3 scene and wait for free alternatives that do NOT require a lameass CDKey which should be a no-brainer anyway, eh?

    Update #2: The BlueDisk CFW CDKey security protection has now been cracked by PS3 scene developers with details added above. Additionally an Italian site ( has released 4.25 Cracked, however, some users (with Flashers) have reported it to be fake as right before installation they receive a corrupt data (8002F15E) error.

    Since then the the PS3 LV0 has been resigned and the keys are now available so it won't be long before free legitimate PS3 CFW v4.21 / v4.25 / v4.30 are released!
    ERK = CA7A24EC38BDB45B98CCD7D363EA2AF0C326E65081E0630CB9 AB2D215865878A
    RIV = F9205F46F6021697E670F13DFA726212
    PUBLIC = A8FD6DB24532D094EFA08CB41C9A72287D905C6B27B42BE4AB 925AAF4AFFF34D41EEB54DD128700D
    PRIVATE = 001AD976FCDE86F5B8FF3E63EF3A7F94E861975BA3
    CURVE_TYPE = 0x33
    [imglink=|Video: BlueDisk CFW v4.25 is Released, PS3 CFW 4.25 PSN Demo][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: BlueDisk CFW v4.25 is Released, PS3 CFW 4.25 PSN Demo][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Video: BlueDisk CFW v4.25 is Released, PS3 CFW 4.25 PSN Demo][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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