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Thread: Video: PS3 4.21 CFW Running DOA5 By Red Power Team Demo!

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    Renold Guest
    Like he said he could do it. So he did it.

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    biggg Guest
    Everything it's a lie. Don't trust people who say that can make a jailbreak. It's impossible

    GEOHOT is the only person who crack sony software and will remain the one.

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    niwakun Guest
    you're wrong, only failoverfl0w team can hack PS3. Without f0f's tools and method how to calculate private keys, there will be no CFW like we are using now.

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    biggg Guest
    will see about that. Until then no one can.

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    danco666 Guest
    Hey guys.. actually what those red power is another DRM dongle. But we're close cuz we have LV2 keys so we just have to wait. And if they can patch DOA 3.55 that means they have 4.21keys. just think about it. cheers

    I'm talking about installing 4.21 CFW on FW 4.21.

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    technodon Guest
    No, dont expect this or any future firmwares to install on any firmware higher than 3.55, a new jailbreak for the ps3 will not be found since sony fixed the sign fail bug that the fail0verflow team found in 3.55.

    this is just another very heavily patched 3.55 firmware custom firmware, decrypt the whole of 4.21 and resign it with the 3.55 private key and also a unique custom made private key so that they can sell their dongle to unlock it.. and geohot is a fag who stole other peoples work and then went public with 'i hacked the ps3 sytem all on my own' statement..

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    hackerxide Guest
    Dead end or not, it's always nice to hear some kind of hopeful news on the possibility of getting CFW again, I'm hoping to either jailbreak my ps3 again or looking to buy one that is jailbroken already, baby i'm back... sorta... almost!

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    mirsia Guest
    this website is awesome

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    Sostanco Guest
    i think this cfw work like JDH-356MA, it's only installable from 3.55 fw but you can load 3.56 content without patch. this one work the same way. So demonhades leave the scene a few months, this is what we read on official site... can be a little connection? maybe or not let's wait until this cfw come out

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    Futeki Guest
    does each CFW have it's own Eboots/Patches/Fixes?

    For instance, does 4.21 CFW must have it's own Eboots/Patches/Fixes in order to be run? if yes, then all your ISOs for 3.55 CFW will be useless.

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