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  1. #391
    NTA Guest
    Everytime ps3 gets good news, it somehow turns into bad news before the week is over lol

  2. #392
    HeyManHRU Guest
    If I was going to pay, I'd buy the game, not a dongle to make me play the game on my PS3 when it's hacked.

  3. #393
    dvize404 Guest
    I'm not going to lie, I was one of those impatient users who bought a dongle. I wanted to play some of the newer games online, but there was only a handful of us on xlink that actually had a dongle. I got my money out of it, but in retrospect it wasn't worth it all. After the slew of releases from other groups, waiting for the scene to be free seems to be the best option (especially with this questionable firmware).

    I wouldn't mind if they did something like rebug did back in the day: when a certain amount is met, the hack would be released. This way the devs are happy and the users still get what they want, a drm free release. But this scene drama makes me laugh. What you see in this inner circle is a fight about who has the bigger toy.

    I know that the next time around, I am going to get an xbox for sure. Even if I have to pay for the service, at least the devs in that scene understand the freedom of information. Yeah, they make money off of it by providing hardware, but at least the information on how to do it is out there.

    This PS3 scene goes against every principle of the hacker manifesto. In fact, the term developer should be used with a grain of salt because a developer releases software for others. I would call most of these developers, con artists. And I will be damned if i help ever again to a developer to purchase hardware (adrianc). They abuse the public trust and then they disappear after they get what they wanted. /rant

    But back to the subject, this is another scam (and who in their right mind would send their console to some random chinese guys ?). If all these scammers finally learn that they can't make a cent off of our good will, then maybe things will return to how they should be. So I ask you guys not to buy into the BS and wait for a legit dev to offer the same cfw functionality through donations.

  4. #394
    KaInEvIL Guest
    More like wait for a True Dev am i right? I miss the days when people like Graf_Chokolo prevailed. All this crap just doesn't seem right. And yeah, i bet Sony sleeps a lot better by knowing the scene just keeps chewing on its own tail rather than work together.

  5. #395
    BonScott Guest
    couldnt agree more, thats what i did, bought a 360, never looked back.. with the xkey, everything works, no 15-20 minute install times either.

  6. #396
    elser1 Guest
    really well said mate.

    + rep!

  7. #397
    matomato Guest
    Sure, but you are in ps3 forum...

  8. #398
    fox460 Guest
    Have a few sad news:

    - Red Power will release new CFW 4.25 veru soon (this is a good one)
    - You can install new CFW only if you are on 3.55 OFW/CFW - confirmed!
    - CFW NOT FOR FREE! You will need to pay money!

    According to this I can imagine the future of PS3 scene:

    Its almost dead. I think DEVs already have the solution for all our problems. But they afraid about DEX leaked. So they keep trying to give US more buns, like you can load PS2 and PSP games and bla bla bla.

    And one more thing I wanna to SAY THANKS to Duplex, PROPOJOE, NODRM and other DEVs that working to give us hope and undestanding.


  9. #399
    leukotic Guest
    What a surprise, noticed Dean updated multiman to be CFW 4.21 compliant shortly before this came out. What a strange coincidence that is...

  10. #400
    fox460 Guest
    Maybe i am wrong but Dean update MM to 4.21 because of Red Team who promise to release Red Power 4.21 and then Red Team said that 4.21 CFW no more and 4.25 CFW will be the next.

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