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    I'm thinking that "perhaps" something got lost in the translation and this is a video displaying a 4.21 FW game running on 3.55? Maybe it's not supposed to be a 4.21 CFW? I dunno. In any case, there are a lot of clearly visible faults that show the video to be fake sadly.

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    the PS3's clock kind of makes it obvious as a fake BUT if anything I don't think we have CFW for 4.21 just yet because if we did, this video would show him being on PSN Store -.-

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    this should be great! i just don't know why it needs testing... emulatemii needed more work on their n64 emu and we're still waiting for that

    I think this is real just cause people are saying their well known. So, hopefully it is and testing doesn't last too long.

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    got to be 100% fake, would be slighly more believable if he were running multiman dex version which is fake signed. there is absolutely no chance that he has the private keys for 4.21 to resign multiman. a new custom firmware with signed homebrew for 3.55+ is not going to happen sony made a mistake by not using a random number to generate the private key before 3.56 which failoverflow discovered they will not make that mistake again..

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    seems to be a ps3 on 3.55 running a game that requires 4.21 is all i mean in the game requires you change param.sfo to it says would you like to change it to 3.55... hello there's all you need to see that the ps3 is on 3.55 am i right, wouldn't mind the fix for doa5 though

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    and its not even a chinese console on the game saves data automatically screen the back button is a circle if it were a proper chinese console it would be a x cause the buttons are swapped round..

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    I think this is an 3.55CFW with 4.21 Keys in appldr.

    You need nothing more to start a 4.21 game backup.

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    4.21 keys would be greatly appreciated if this is all this really is... i just wonder, if this is real, how will our 3.55 patched games work? if they need original eboots, we're gonna get a bunch of original eboot requests

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    The Little Kid made it

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    Rebug 4.21 DEX (INTERNAL ONLY)

    And what about this? (Now the content is removed):

    *Rebug 4.21. This Project will contain CFW for both CEX & DEX DO NOT LEAK!*

    Rebug 4.21 DEX (INTERNAL ONLY). Repository. avatar. 2012-09-24 00:25:49 UTC evilsperm updated repository rebug-4-21/rebug-4-21-cex. Changed the...

    2012-09-24 00:26:26 UTC evilsperm created repository rebug-4-21-dex in Rebug 4.21. Rebug 4.21 DEX (INTERNAL ONLY). Repository...

    According to evilsperm though: Sorry to kill all of your dreams but what you all saw on the git was a repo for testing a new type of spoofer... You guys run wild with all the theories when you want to troll but dont expect me to feed into it

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