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    Guy please, I have question. It is confirmed that you must be on 3.55 FW/CFW to install this 4.21 CFW. Or this is not 100% confirmed? I read at source of Red Power Team. And one Chinese told me on forum this:

    "yes, if you have a 4.xx fw ps3, you need to downgrade it first and if your ps3 console cannot be downgrade, then you can't install the RED POWER too. RED POWER FW don't have downgrade function RED POWER FW only works with 3.55 FW, so this don't have too much sense and the most important is, It's not free"

    So that CFW is not for 3.55+ FW users. I repeat who have installed example 4.00 FW. He can't install this CFW.
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    they blocked downgrading even better than sony did? this dribble looks lamer than the same ppl's attempt.

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    From a pastie I discovered:

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    The PS3 scene makes me sad. Using language for each other without any respect.

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    It doesn't matter who does it, point is you're getting scammed by hypocrites if you pay any kind of money for a cfw.

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    Wow, where was the source of that info junks278??

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    pastebin was the source. I have no idea who created this..

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    The PS3 scene is like mafia, everyone is connected

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    i like that it's called red ribbon. i love dragon ball

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    Well if they are charging for it then screw them since I won't use it nor will I got through trouble to try and downgrade to 3.55 just to install it which might just mess my system by someway or another.

    I will just stick to 4.21 OFW now until something better hits down the line.

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